Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Recently had an interesting experience that grew over a few years of working with my assistant.  Not a pro by any means but a nice enough kid.  What occurs when you work close with someone and they get into your sacred world is that there is some sort of lack of boundaries on both parties sides.  You tend to get more friend like and less boss like.
The assistant even wants more of a friendship and calls you out on barking orders.
Being open minded you agree, and than after the job is done they leave and I mean they leave you with the mess.
What friendship?  The parties over and they disappear only to see that they have face booked and friend-ed everyone you photographed and worked with on the last project.
This is really unprofessional I feel and it lacks respect.
I am never attending a festival or event, long job without a non disclosure form signed prior.
I have even had one assistant sleep with my editor saying it isn't a big deal.
IT WAS.  I never worked for that client again when those two ended their relations.
It's in POOR taste to sleep with your bosses clients.
We all make mistakes. I ve made a few that stunk too.
But we learn.  And while your at it don't work with your friends cuz you might hurt their feelings even if its business.
I am running a tighter ship now.
I got through 30 years without any law suits.
I would like to continue it and maintain the level of journalism and artistry without 
my reputation tainted.
I do my job and I do it with all my heart.
11. SECOND PARTY WILL NOT interact with FIRST PARTIES CLIENTS/PATRONS other than job related.
                  Personal relations will be respected and ASSISTANT will remain as such to do the tasks hired.   
                  SECOND PARTY will not pursue relations with CLIENTS/PATRONS and Karen Kuehns friendships. 

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