Monday, July 1, 2013

PRIDE 2013

Same Sex Marriage in New Mexico
 29 rolls of B&W shot on 120 format to celebrate this historical time
Film is for me far better for creating images that last.
Digital files are too temporary for history.
I will process and proof this film for two shows curated by Mary Anne Redding here in New Mexico.  
I asked her what was missing that she needed.
Sexy and gay rights issues so I'm covering it.
I feel the importance of this here in America.
To nurture love and eliminate the hate that is so rampant.
The parade had protesters up front and I have covered that aspect.
I feel the need to amp up the love part of photography.
The sexy part.  Grants usually are awarded for the negative parts displayed in the world.
This is not what I prefer.  I like the fun and the sensuality that people feel.
I love parades and events for those who let their hair down and are on a path of INTENT.
This path is one of passion.
Mine is to see the magic with people who feel this and express it.
Happy Pride America
 Sometimes you have to shoot a color shot

 Gangster boys sporting their angel wings.

Love the spenders

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