Sunday, April 3, 2011

Friends SHOW UP.

David and the boys...move all my plumbing inside the darkroom and out of the thin walls after having the pipes freeze twice this winter.
Now all copper pipe and should be ready to roll back into my creative space.

Dave Burke; the Boss, Nicholas Herrera, Santario Artist, David Micheal Kennedy

Friends show up!

My pals drove hours south to come fix my darkroom.
Its been a cold winter.
The best way to fix things is to have one of your dear friends take charge and say I'm gonna get the guys to come down and we will make your darkroom better for you!
It was totally unexpected.
I have a huge project from BM to complete.
It's nice to have really solid men in my life.
Truthful, honorable and one's that follow through and do what they say!
I think it's a rare quality and to have people show up for you with no self involved motivation can make a real difference in one's heart.
Binds your friendships with integrity.
Now I can finally motivate to get my project from last summers BM completed.

"METROPOLOVE" book is just a reflection of a lot of LOVE and lovin that happened 24x7 on the playa...this is long overdue to complete its being and the name of this project may just change to

Thanks Guys.
You rocked my darkroom and my life all the time.
Now I have no excuses for completing this body of work.
Making a difference in my humble world

David M Kennedy, Nicholas Herrera and Dave Burke
Love you Guys.

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