Saturday, April 16, 2011


photo by Arthur Scharf

Last weekend's book publishing seminar concluded with the completion of an anthology of my career in the beginning. I was told by Darius Himes and Mary Swanson that they wanted to see me on the cover. Reluctant again I said I did not want to be under the scrutiny of my peers as an ego maniac for doing so! Their response is that my peers are not paying my bills and that I wanted to get more work from producing this book filled with stories about all the photographs taken. At least 240 photos in a 12x12 book .
I hope to have it hit home with not only my clients but students as the journey being a photographer is a vast and intrepid one.
The shots taken today by my pal Arthur are very detailed and about cameras and gestures...body empowered to say the least. I can't post the other shots as they may end up on the cover and back cover. I thank Darius and Mary for encouraging me to re shoot the cover.
I had a blast today and I love my "Parade" camera so Arthur got of few really fun and flirty shots of me with this camera that is near and dear to me and has earned me half of my life.

The Rollie Rocks it Every time

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