Wednesday, April 20, 2011

What Stops You

Old Town NM Wall Art on the South Side of the Plaza

What stops me?
Everything and anything. It's good to stop and when you do ask yourself why?
Today while shooting with Eason Eige; Artist/ Collector we walked by this wall mural at a cigar store. I love roosters. So much I have five that seem to get along most of the time.
This image made me think of a few people I know.
One friend loves cigars and the other was born in the year of the cock.
I really find roosters interesting. Biologically people feel no different.
They strut their stuff to get the attention of not one but all the females.
Collecting them and making it known that they are the prize of there coup.
Very territorial. They run around jumping upon the females ...running from one to the other.
Males are like this in real life. I don't much like it but its a fact of life.
Lions in a pride, roosters in a coup, the stallion of a herd.
Men with women. It's natural.
Its really unnatural for them to mate with one for life.
Storks and some birds mate like this for life.
I feel America has brainwashed us to think we must be with one person.
My entire life monogamous was drilled into me.
If you want to photograph something study its nature.
Animal or mankind.
Nature stops me and makes me think about all the bigger things in life.
Like how not to try to control where I put every step along the way but to look at how I make a foot print. How carefully, how deep, how not to leave a trace like John Muir!
Consciously and with intent I am very clear about my curiosity of what intrigues me to stop and look and feel when time is allowed to really be present rather than rushing around like a chicken with its head cut off.
Take time, look and note your feelings.
Tomorrow may never arrive.

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