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The Luna Mansion in Los Lunas

A Little Food Rambling

Every so often a magazine asks me to shoot food.
I started photographing food in NYC with the Sunday NY Times magazine a few decades ago.
I have sat with some of the finest chefs in the world due to my career.
Photographing Julie Childs, Mark Miller, David Bouley and even Martha Stewart for starters.
Notably my favorite dining spots; NOBU, Odeon, Ecco and amazing Cuban rice and black bean huevos at the West Side Coffee shop in Tribeca. This was the artist am hang , jam packed with 12 tables max and sleepy neighbors. Just thinkin about it makes me miss my loft and NYC lifestyle.
I couldn't walk down the street without bumping into some one I knew.
My kids dad couldn't walk my hound dog Vern without everyone having to say hi to one of the few hound dogs residing in Manhattan.
That dog was like the Disney character Goofy.
God rest his sweet soul.

Big cities are full of hot spots, speak easy's, tapas and fine dining.
My memory is eclectic and savors the interesting things that chefs do to make a dish signature.
At Roules in NYC the pepper steak, will make your eyes roll.
Le Cirque served incredible food on plates with a playful monkey design pattern.
The hotel Coronado in San Diego serves coffee in cups with a crown designed into the surface.
I remember bringing two home for the budding writer David Sadaris and his boy friend Hugh, my set designer for many projects.
Having traveled about the world I remember odd details, not just the food but moments and enticing experiences that made dining monumental.
Often I would stay up all night processing film and printing, only to take a break for a snack at the Odeon with illustrator Christoph Hitz (
We were there about 2am 5 nights a week.
3-5 cappuccinos, cream spinich and a sweet treat, than back to the darkroom to till dawn.
Late nights making art. Tribeca was bohemian at that time and having one of the more interesting loft spaces I had pot lucks at least once a month.
50-100 friends and strangers stopping in for food and music.
Bands like the Spin Doctors , Chris Whitley, GE Smith Band and Dan Lanois would jam for these shin digs. We had a blast and there was such a vitality to feasting with the pagans.
Flavor is for me like a rose full of fragrance.
Mark Miller has been my friend for a almost two decades now and between dining out and going to shows on Broadway. I met Mark shooting him for the NY Times Sunday magazine with a review for the Red Sage in Washington DC.
I tied him up and put a chili pepper and a shot in front of him.
Mark is one of the more brilliant chefs and anthropologist.
His home library must be about 2000 square feet of books in a temperature controlled environment. Last year I photographed Mark for his pr images and in trade he gave me two cases of hand picked wines of which I gave to the Mind Shaft camp at Burning Man.
This was my way of saying thank you to the group.
Oddly I didn't get to drink one drop of wine at this last years burn!
Hopefully they enjoyed it all.
All the bottles were hand picked by Mark Miller for my friends.
I saved one for chef and CEO Todd Koon's
(former chef for Alice Waters Chez Panisse)
Owner of Epic Roots Foods
Currently Todd is my most supportive patron for my art projects at Burning Man
I can appreciate all the nuances that a chef has to blend for a mouth watering explosion.
Pure ecstasy to one's pallet.

And its not just flavor but the design and color that is also part of a chef's artistry.
I prefer less food with more flavor and appealing color.
Depak Chopra recommends eating rainbow colored foods.
Eat Taste Heal
While on the topic of food. One of my favorite websites is
Crazy Sexy Cancer.
Recently I purchased several of the books for an acquaintance; Lloyd Taylor/crew and member
of the Bliss Dance Project.
Marco Cochrane Artist behind the Bliss Dance.

A great team where all your donations can make art for the masses to enjoy.
Sadly Lloydster passed from cancer. Rest in peace you wild sweet soul.
I will forever appreciate him opening the Bliss camp for me to stay regardless of my decline.
So many amazing people in this camp, and Todd Koon's is the chef for this camp as well.
Amongst over many humble titles lets just say Todd it the most generous soul to many.
The camp to wander into at dining time...if your so lucky you will be satiated with a plate of yummy food cooked for the huge Bliss crew.
As for the dreaded topic of cancer and food seg-way...
I feel you can starve the cancer by eliminated the 10 top cancer foods and adding the 10 top anti cancer foods. Check out the Crazy Sexy Diet book for eating to live longer.

The photographs in this blog were shot for a local magazine here in my state.
The New Mexico magazine sent me off to cover eight locations in two towns this week.
Los Luna's and Belen for their food section.
From the local Donut King to the fine dining at a haunted mansion.
Fabian West the art director/ photography editor asked me if I would like to do some food stories for the magazine.
She was afraid I wouldn't want to due to the State budgets being fairly modest! I wasn't and it was great to go pop around to 4 locations a day meeting some of the locals shooting food.
My best friend Susan Goldman; a terrific re known food shooter out of New York City would laugh at me. Food is tricky but I usually dive into it as a journalist as the magazines don't have budgets for studios and food stylist unless its a gourmet magazine or one in a food nature.
Here's a little sample of food shot here on location run and gun.

Be sure to look at the link for Susan's work she's incredible.
Call her for any food or product work.
Food photography is an art in itself and where I slaughter it she makes love to it.
(link in label section below

A kiss is a great way to start and end a meal.

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