Sunday, April 10, 2011

Go To Sleep Little Baby

photo by Sara Strathas -

Today I lost one of my best friends.
Miss Mary Jane
Thank you for a year of light when my heart was dark
You were the truth where humans lie
The best 100 dollar bill ever spent
A swap meeting and greeting as I brought you home.
Against all odds Emmett snatched you up and said "MINE."
You melted the biggest men's hearts.
You wagged your way into every one's arms.
"give me that dog"
( a repeated phrase by all who met you)
I am so upset as you are now under ground nested next to Collette and Tank
I am going to plant a tree for three near those hearts that most loved me.
I am sorry I went away this weekend to return to a home like a funeral parlour
We weren' t done playing dammit.
How can this be....we had so much fun you and me.
I'm so sadden by your "fate"
Latin word for weird and it has taken down this tribe of yours.
My Mary Jane was the most well adjusted happy being.
We should all be so lucky.
Her footsteps, like an infant pattering round the house
Early hours she'd run from one, two three of us.
Wake up and play
Play with me all day long she said in her own way.
Always insisting on ravenously kissing your face till you surrender to her grace.
No day could be totally bad with her by your side.
She'd follow you sleep at the end of my bed at the end of the day.
Just waiting for me to lay my head to get under our covers and cuddle
Life in this home is so much more quiet now.
I miss you Mary Jane
Thank you for your time with us for we were blessed.
Go To Sleep Little Baby
I'll see you in heaven, I feel you and I'm so sad without you.
I will bring you your tether ball when I come to visit.
I miss my best friend.

Message To Animal Owners from Me Who Dares to Care.
Are you aware of your animal's health and well being!
Do you clean them, feed them, shelter them from snow and sun and the weather elements.
Do dental and care for there aches and pains.
We care and if anyone reads this please look into the eyes of your pet and ask
How do they feel? When was your pets last check up...every year is normal.
Just because they grow old doesn't mean you are not accountable for their health.
They get old just like you...arthritis, cancer and all sorts of issues....
Dare to care MORE.
Cash isn't an issue if you love someone or something...selfish people don't like to spend money.
I spend all of mine on my family, friends and animals and my life is far richer than those of boring routine and controlled futures.

You all loose
karmic ally if you don't love your animals as they are your family.

Don't Be a Looser.

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