Friday, April 22, 2011

High Heels to Hiken Boots

A photographers life has to be flexible if they want to grow.


I've always felt that a person's shoes can really tell you a story about who they are as well as who they even may want to be in life.
Shoes have been linked to the woman's sexual organs as denoted in
the book; The Brain in Love by Daniel Amen in his first chapter.
An insightful book with so many obvious facts about the brain.
I think its important to wear the right shoe for the occasion.
I am on my feet a lot and I lug heavy gear in and out of my truck, airplanes and onto sets as well as into other countries.
When I travel I prepare for walking and swimming, hot a cold.
My normal shoe is an engineer boot, they only last me one year before my feet start to hurt.
I like chucks for jobs as they are fresh and light and smart for movement.
I love high heels but rarely do I get to wear them unless entertaining.
Snow my feet love the warmth so the Keen boot is amazing for the freeze and walking on ice and slippery surfaces they can save you from a fall.
Cowboy boots are great for riding and dresses...a good heel and smooth soul for slipping out of the stirrup or a smooth dance two step.
No matter what kind of photographer you want to be or have become make sure your prepared for all the situations that may arise.
I always keep jeans and work boots in my truck.
I can switch gears rapidly for something unforeseen shooting option.
Sometimes you just want to go with the wind and a random invite might mean stopping by a campfire at an artist compound or a gallery stroll.
Be prepared.
Life is more interesting when you can adapt to all the possibilities rather than make excuses why you can't.
Old tired dogs stay on the porch and kick your feet up.
Me I'm dancing, surfing, hiking, and diving into the next adventure.
My feet must be happy.
And men pedicures are not for women work hard and your feet are where many pressure points live and they need lots of love too.
If you want to love your their feet.
I have given many a foot message for my pregnant friends as well as the deserved lover.
Love your feet.
Next trip...Colorado River I think I will pack my surf shoes.
One last thought for the road...protect your feet.
I have known photographers that have waded into polluted waters in the south only to have their entire system attacked by some strange contaminant in the swamp land.
This was one of my professors at Art Center. He was a car photographer he was forever crippled.
Michael "Nick" Nichols is a friend that has done most of the profound stories on the Congo for National Geographic. You don't want to see his feet.
Back in the day I remember him saying he had all kinds of bugs that attacked his system.
The feet are an entry point to the soul and we must guard them from absorption of strange bacterias and virus. Look where you leap and think about all the possibility's and be safe.
Check out Nicks work on his website I'm sure he will have many a tale to share.
He's still upright and walking, shockingly.

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