Wednesday, April 6, 2011


A Big Part of My Life ...
is about not only how other's treat us but how we treat those we come to meet.
A minute or decades. Its how we touch an other's life.
We are all connected and accountable even thou I can say I've met many who have not a clue about others feelings other than how it serves them first.
This are not conscious beings. These sorts of people have an opportunity to grow from serving others but the norm is to be a be self involved rather than examining how they can be a better human. We can t control those sorts of people but we can inspire and/or edit them out of our lives as they usually just suck the life out of those nurturing souls.

When I go to a photography shoot I often bring gifts and something of a positive gesture for the subjects as a leave behind to share a part of me with them for the experience.
I prefer to have a sit and sip coffee or tea prior to a shoot.
To get to know the subject and to listen to them speak of what makes them feel good and how they want to be portrayed.
They are hardly a prop for my ideas but rather a person with a heart and often very shy and not attune to the workings of a photographer and a camera clicking off images of them as subject.
Start with a nibble of food, bring it to the shoot or some tea ...something cozy.
Be the photographer they remember for caring about their session with you.
It will buy you more time and often a new friendship begins with such thoughtful gestures.

Flavorful, friendly and memorable.

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