Wednesday, March 21, 2012


 photograph by karen kuehn
The days when double exposures were done in camera.
This is not a photo shop shot. 120 Hassleblad

Tell Congress to stop allowing large cats to be domesticated as pets.

Nature’s Masterwork: Cats

Beautifully engineered from the start, cats have merely honed their structure over the past 34 million years. With switchblade claws and acute night vision, “the cat is the perfect hunting machine,” says one expert. Apart from a propensity to pounce on prey, cats’ aloof elegance has long made them the choice for animal companionship.

Lorton Prison
Feline magic works even behind bars. The inmates who adopt strays “learn a nurturing sense that enables them to connect with other people,”says the program’s founder.

photography by karen kuehn

Meow verses Roar
I recall sitting with my father over dinner discussing how to illustrate the idea of meow verses roar?  We chatted about doing some circus stools or mics by each when I thought in a moments notice...why not use Marshal amps? 
Bingo the image was exact as we discussed and this is just the way my brain works, very quick and sharp for solving problems. 
Thanks Dad and Mom for years of supporting my creative ways.
Big cats are sweet by dangerous due to size and power in the paws....if you own one at home they can take you down in one fell swoop just playing.
I witnessed this several times while spending about 80 days on this project.
Cats are predators.  They should be left in the wild.
Please sign the petition to stop big cat ownership in domestic environments.


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