Monday, March 19, 2012

Stacey Kay Neff

Stacey Neff in her studio Santa Fe New Mexico 

Art Goddess
 Stacey Neff was introduced to by Erika Wanemaker, another great female artist here in New Mexico.  Lots of great women making great strides to create substantial works of art.  Stacey is the CEO of the Experimental glass Workshop.  She has a huge set up in her space and is in go mode more than not.  She's a wife, artist, and mother of three. Plus one 145lb Mastiff pup.
I was teaching a workshop and asked her to be my demo subject.
I do believe the rather heavy glass balls she makes was derived from bubble bathing! 
Soap up your hand and thumb to pointer make a circle and blow.
We shared some mommy stories.
Making images with Stacey was easy, tons of spaces and creative essence of hers with in her work space.
She's a "TOOL GIRL"
Some women want vacations, rings, cars and feminine things...
I can relate to Stacey, she wants a band saw, rather large might I add and machines that help her manifest her art dreams.
One of many tools in Stacey's world, you might say she's got a FULL TOOL BOX

The Studio

Don't bump anything....
Ovens for cookin
.Paint Space

Two Hours With Stacey 

Check her work out its a MUST.

Thank you Erika Wanenmacher for this introduction.


  1. Love working with Karen! She has a connected approach that puts the model at ease, making the photo shoot experience a natural extension of the artist's own creative process. Although she was teaching a student during our time together, the experience wasn't diminished in content or connection, rather it was further enriched, allowing me to share in the deeper concepts of photography that she imparted. Thank you Karen!

    1. I love female artist that can slap down equal with a man's weight in Spirit and Soul. Stacey Neff is contemporary, playful and seriously an artist to be adorn in Museum spaces, public venues, nothing more than brilliance and huge ability to see into and around whatever she touches...super fun person, super beautiful woman.
      Thank you for your time and I look forward to getting to know you better over time.