Monday, March 19, 2012

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What Season is YOUR Skin for Picking Wardrobe?

I work with a lot of young talented people and some of them just have no clue about what colors look best on their complexion!  Some are color blind.  When I was 19 a dear friend was doing some sort of class on color and she wrapped my face and determined that Spring colors were best for my wardrobe and on many multi able layers with in my life I've learned to think a bit more about others and what would look best on them for gifting based on skin tones. It s a natural process for me now but maybe this will help some of you photographers to think about sets and styling in regards to skin tone and season.
Home Depo has a color swatch system as well for blending colors together when your painting rooms in your home or in sets.




 Here's some links if your curious.

This link has swatches and is great for men.


  1. Do you have any books to suggest on this topic? Thanks!

    1. I remember at age 19 a woman in my first photo class was doing a workshop with a book called Color Me Beautiful.