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Bodhisattva - The Path of the Warrior

"The Birthright of all Beings is Fundamental Happiness"
Pema Chodron
Opening your heart and mind gives your life a path.
Enlightenment comes and goes for me.
When I am present and not grasping, I am at peace.
 Being present edits out all past and future stories.
I don't think dreams and visionary's care so much about being present.
My career and art has been made of dreams brought to life.
 When it comes to matters of the heart this can be a healthy tool for living.
Being in the NOW.
Ram Dass and Eckhardt Tolle both speak of this with fever. 

We are all ripple affecting all things.
Labeling good and bad is pointless.
The reason is not why but allowing real life feelings to evolve you into the vital souls we can be.
Meeting our full potentiality.
Rippling is natural.
Prior to 2010 I can remember the warrior woman within me.
Fearless and driven, manifesting art and commerce all the time.
My nature is of love and were not talking physical love! Even thou sacred and of equal importance.
I was recently looking a images of our camp from 2009 Burning Man.
Burning Man is not for the faint of Spirit and I have to say it caught me off guard.
I was arrived with my assistant feeling fully beautiful, tender souled.  
Turning 50 quietly with a group of strangers in a theme camp. I produced two books in 12 days.
One person in this camp changed my life and my heart forever more. Not so uncommon at Burning Man.
Upon entry I barely knew the one gal who included me, whom I now consider her a dear friend, family and a sister.
I came with a mission to make art.
My goals surpassed my dreams.

The Eight Auspicious Symbols: Two Golden Fish

The two fish were originally symbolic of the rivers Ganges and Yamuna, but came to represent good fortune in general, for Hindus, Jain and Buddhists. Within Buddhism it also symbolises that living beings who practice the dharma need have no fear to drown in the ocean of suffering, and can freely migrate (chose their rebirth) like fish in the water.

As Buddhist nun; Pema Chodron says for True Happiness you must not denigrate yourself.
It's important to respect your heart. To support your healthy mind.
We all deserve to be loved.
Guilt doesn't denote love it is some sort of strange role people take on or apply to others that only denigrates souls.
It serves no one well and only secures a seat of victim on some stage, not mine.
Is that who you want to be?
Not me.
Manifesting love is easy,  just gotta love yourself first and be kind to others.
Work on loving kindness.
Tough love is fine but it's a cycle, get it out of gear and drive it into a truly beautiful place. 
Road Trip.
Sure were all human and get the range of emotions. And sometimes we are pushed to an edge of 
I am over it!  A very real place and temporary when the storm blows over.
Forgive and get on with it.
Nurture love.

Clear up all your old messes and try not to make new ones.
LOVE in the fullest sense is right here for you when you decide you deserve it.
Humans beat themselves up.
Especially when others are involved.
Possibly none of what your feeling is even about you or them!
When you shake off the story it gets simpler.
Stories prolong living especially when they don't feed the love. 
To know the love of a soul mate can exist has touched my life in a huge way.
Rarely do we find such a connection.  
Put two soul mates in the same room and I promise you no one else exists.
It's deep stuff and the Universe at work with her magnetic forces.
I held space for someone very special.
Available yet unavailable.
Hearts deeply connected.

But an undesirable situation. 
I shared a path with a sweet Spirit's journey.
That journey became my journey.  
Always you care and hope for the best for those whom have held sacred space. 
I am grateful for the good and had to leave a path of suffering for one of joy.
I tripped and like a water buffalo in muck it took me a long time to recover.
I am grateful for the love shared; however one of the most expensive of lessons on all heart's.
To edit better can bring forth a mirror of love and less suffering that is more than less for my future.
Conduct is as Pema says a times...Tense!
To make your life nurture and cultivate a good un-prejudice heart and mind.
Happiness is the potential when you embark on warrior training of courage to be happy.
One can want to be on the same path as those loved most but that is often not the case.
Accepting their path can be difficult but its really important to do.
We all learn at our own pace and some of us are not nearly ready to open those doors to wake up.
Often the case, we avoid ourselves for helping another gives our live purpose right? 
There is always a brighter side to all our choices.  Every action gets a reaction.
Accountability creates a very positive state of mind.
Acceptance of the way things play out at times is hard to choke down but again truth is the path.
Seek knowledge and love and become the love you want to receive.
Soul Mate, lover, dreams of a partnership...
Once experienced and felt with another intellectually and physically as one, it can be difficult not to cling to that feeling.
We so want what we felt was more a melting and merging of something and someone that completes you and feels significant.
Bloom, remain dormant or possibly rot on the vine in every one's own time.
Many people don't feel they deserve love, this is a shame and feeds nothing good.
Allow love it may not be the love you wanted but maybe its a better love.
Focus on loss than you never see the win.
Everyone has their own timing .
(this is always my romantic way of living life) 
Magical thinking yes. 
 Hopeful yes, but real is present and in the moment, not some dream 
of what may not be real time for those who have faith in what the heart feels true.
If mutual maybe but holding your breath will only kill you or make you ill.
Love yourself and shine.  Love others and shine.
Choose wisely your path it may trip you or deliver you.
I don't think any of my love was wasted.
 I believe it is cherished in an imaginative memory with love still.
All I know is my heart hasn't gone anywhere, its right here in the pasture.
Sitting on the fence was never my style, never sat on shore either...I always jumped in and lived large.
Would you rather watch people have fun or be part of it.
I watched too long and it took me down a path of purgatory.
Go for life that delivers actions not words.
To honor your path and your journey may mean busting a move.
I busted a move toward JOY. 
The seed of happiness is curious and grows with care in action.
Their no EXCUSES with real LOVE.
For me loving comes easy sometimes it may be tough love but it's dam real.
Physical and emotional I have the backs of those I love.
It has to be mutual and not out of "duty"
People love easy when they truly want and love you.
They don't avoid truth.

" Let everything happen to you
Beauty and Terror
Just keep going.
No feeling is final."


To wake up is a real passion for life.
Bodhisattva mind doesn't judge.
A bodhisattva is one who seeks liberation from suffering not only for themselves, 
but for all beings.
Narrow-mindedness judges and labels, the path of the true warrior is one of awakening.
It's big and real contact with delight for life.
I have come in and out of this place in my journey.
Choosing the path of joy I fearlessly stepped toward love and I fearlessly walked away from love. 
It didn't come without suffering.  Everyone suffers.  It's human. 
Love doesn't disappear because your out of sight out of mind its just part of a process.
Cultivate love for your self and lets not denigrate our souls or the souls of other's.
I have been small minded and big minded.
The point is to not loose your big beautiful mind and Spirit over another persons journey.
 Show up for yourself and be clear.
I have felt every feeling and emotion and all are real.
A soul mate can handle it if it's real love.  If not it will fade away.
Nurture your Warrior Spirit.
With love for all sentient beings.
A prayer for all those who suffer, may you find your true happiness and joy.
Truth of your Heart will reveal your joy.
No self denigration
Present that past is gone.
I will always Hope for the Flower
My life has been made of dreams coming true.
Present is all I can be this day.
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