Monday, March 19, 2012

Puddle of Mudd

Goofing around with Christian at John Kurzweg's Studio 2012

Hook Ups
My life is so in the moment, the phone rings and you get a cool job.
A friend gives a shout out, lets go to this concert I know the band!
Hey I have a free ticket to never knows where one will be in less than 24hours notice in my world.
Last night NM Music Patron Jose Ponce sent me an email asking me if I would join him and music producer John Kurzweg 
Puddle of Mudd at the Hard Rock.
Sure, get me access to photograph the act!
Great show and thankfully the band was really terrific as was the audience.
Wes Scantlin
A few pics for the show at the Hard Rock
Shooting shows is sort of like a workout...always your penned to an do you make it better or more interesting? 
My goal is always to try not to repeat the same story.
Shannon Boone drums
Christian Stone and Wes Scantlin
Wes and his action packed audience at the Hard Rock

Christian Stone lead guitar back up vocals
Doug Ardito on bass and vocals
What a good guy he played to my camera many times over.

Wes connects with a young fan he see s singin a song, pulls him on stage.
Wes loves the crowd and they love him all ages.

Current line up for Puddle of Mudd beat back stage....
Shannon and Christian chillin
A little sponsorship folks...Monster!

She Hates Me(one of my favorite performed pieces)
Super fun song and I think a lot of folks really could relate.
They rocked the house and will work with my pal John for a few days on a couple new tunes.
Performance photos are tough, you do the best you can in each situation.
It isn't rocket science but always cool when the band is very appreciative.

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  1. Karen, these are awsome pics of the show! I remember seeing you taking them and thinking to myself... she has an awsome job and hobbie! Thanks for sharing!