Friday, March 9, 2012


Have Camera Save a Little Life

Shooting photographs for the local Animal Shelter is a huge help.
I've encouraged my students over the years to take on projects to make a difference.
Do a series, make it personal and make it count.
The shelter staff are so busy logging in strays, unwanted elderly pets, handling hoarding cases, abandonment and much more.
Today a beautiful dog showed up with a broken jaw, go figure who kicked it's sweet face in?
Puppies found nursing on a their dead momma dog were brought in by a ranchers wife.
Wandering stays are shot and killed.  A cowhand just "did his job".
The horror stories are endless and heart breaking.
All these babies need some love, a walk, a toy tossed.
Don't you like attention?
Do you pay attention to your pets?
Quality lifestyles doesn't mean neglect.
It can be lonely living with a human that just puts the food down and walks away.
Its very common sad to say!
Teeth cleaned and check ups annually are part of taking on that responsibility's.
We all need to be noticed and cared for ... 
Karma says give a little love today.
Bring in blankets and toys, food...see what your shelter needs.
If you have a camera go and make really sweet deep images of there faces, really try to get a little light in their eyes.
It s more than a snap shot..spend a little time and see if you can show their sparkle.
Our shelter is a KILL SHELTER.  
The community of Valencia County is working on elevating and educating.
Laws in the State of NM are more for humans than animals and livestock.  
Changes are occurring but ever so slowly.
 Here's some of the faces that are up for adoption this week.
Volunteer a few hours a week and save a life.

Mixed pups found nursing on their shot momma.

 Super shy baby girl

 I want to be adopted too.

 Dinner time, these dogs days are numbered

 Seriously...check out the SMILE.

 Somebodies OLD dog ...L O S T

 Nobody here knows my Real Name!

 This girl got my heart today...I will see her tomorrow

 Its in the can see their hearts.

 I am ten years old and my family dumped me here today.
They don't want me anymore.
 A super small pup by the way! Mr Mellow.
NOTE: This dog will be at heavens gate.
That family doesn't have good doggie karma
 It will be a miracle if someone takes me home. 
Big chewed up face and doesn't get along with other dogs.

 Wish me LUCK

 This pup is super gorgeous, pink nose and perfect.

 My owner got arrested for looking at bad stuff online.
Now I am homeless


 Double Delight, buddies in behind bars.
HELP a couple a guys out, and we mean OUT.

 Patty has been at the shelter for awhile now.
She's a real angel to make sure animals fine homes.

 Green Eyes...pretty green eyes.

Valencia County Animal Shelter
1209 Hwy 314
Los Lunas, NM
505.866.2479 or fax 505-866-2477
9:00AM to 5:00 PM Wednesday through Saturday, 9:00AM to 3:00 PM Tuesday

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