Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Charity - My Hero

photography by karen kuehn
Charity for UofM Heros Ad Campaign.

Charity is one of the many subjects I photographed for UofM Health Care.  She humbled and inspired me.   We spent a 1/2 with her photographing her at home, walking her dog, and doing the normal things that all people do with the normal use of their limbs.
She is missing all her limbs and has had to re learn how to use her prosthetics for all activities.  After working with her it took some space in my mind for over a year thinking about her and being very touched and inspired by how she had such a strong Spirit for daily living. 
If you think you have issues, better think twice. 
America is spoiled with gluton and entitlement.
I'm sure this gal could use a little extra help and she wouldn't ask!
Thankful for her pup and her man.
I think of her often and she's in my prayers.
Thank you to the crew of Campbell Ewald and UNM and our subject Charity.
You all make a difference in my life.
 God Bless Charity.

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