Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kissing Photography

Rob Buchholz and Roxy Venus Kissing in New Mexico - photography by karen kuehn

While Burning Man friends; Roxy and Rob were returning from another art endeavor they stopped here for a few days of R&R.
Upon departure I grabbed a few family snaps to mark their treasured stay here on the farm.
My life is less planed and rather lived moment to moment. 
It is this aspect of living that has opened many avenues for my art and work.
Trying to control and keep organized has been stifling to say the least.
Its fine for big production jobs but its too rigid for every day life.
I love getting up and not knowing what today adventures will unfold!
Even on the job if I leave space for an opening than I have opportunity to create rather than force something that can be less than natural.
Kisses come and go, some are more memorable than others, some more sacred and than theirs those lips that are unforgettable and leave you with a hunger for more.  
For me it's in the kiss that can make or break it.
Epic and unforgettable only a few have surpassed those for sweet indulgence's that remain in my heart to stay.
 Always Great and Grateful for What is True


  1. The world needs more K.K.'s!
    Best Regards

  2. Hi Jake I owe it to you in the 80s for discovering my flippin the numbers.
    Always XO's Create everyday.

  3. You natural light... I still wonder what kind of magic dust you sprinkle before pressing that shutter..

  4. Its all feeling. Blood bones and gutts.
    My love of life fuels my passion for art and imaging. Aloha Love