Wednesday, March 28, 2012

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photograph by Brian Caven in the CARDEN

Photography Workshop 

A very personal and private experience

This workshop is designed to help individuals develop better people skills in combination with lighting and/or seeing better light as per subject and location.   I can help you become more assertive and yet open to allowing the essence of your subjects to translate with your point of view.   People, be it journalistic or formal portraiture, can be revealed in a natural way and lighting and all the elements of capturing a subject need to be addressed; from just seeing a person in the world as a journalist, to styling, makeup, location, lighting and allowing an other's character to come through without looking forced.   However photo illustration and conceptual ideas are and can be part of the creative process while doing portraits.   I will help you to gain access with the camera in a thoughtful and hopefully more evocative way.   Each trip is planned around where you want to go and what you need to hone your skills as a portrait photographer.   The workshop will be a one on one experience that provides you with a wealth of information that has you shooting, mingling, and producing photographs for as many days as you like.   I have almost 30 years experience and can share all of it with you from the technical side to intuitive way of thinking.   We can plug into what works for you and open some of the creative tools so you really enjoy the process of photography as a whole.   I can give you tools to help you if our creatively stuck and I can help you become better at seeing and lighting if that is an area you need to expand.    The time spent will be a mix of shooting, discussing the technical information, and being involved with a 24-hour photographic experience.   I will show you how to make your life rewarding through your art.
You can come to New Mexico for a week or two, travel or I can come to you to explore projects that are relevant in your neck of the woods.   We can do day trips or go on the road.   We could be in roadside motels or in an old airstream that sleeps two.   Camping is an option.   We will design the trip for your needs.  
Students will be responsible for their personal accommodations and transportation.
A portfolio and personal phone conversation with Karen is required for admission.   This is the year round workshop.   Karen teaches at the Santa Fe Workshops on occasion and can give you a list of references.   If you and a few friends want to line of a small session this can be accommodated. Karen will be teaching at the workshops in Santa Fe for a larger group rate. Please contact them directly.
The tuition is 5000.00 plus travel expenses.   Travel expenses include motel rooms and meals while on the road.   We don't go high end unless you request it.   We go for what is interesting and make the trip an adventure be it day by day or by the week.   If less than a week the tuition is $1000.00 a day.   A week is considered arrival on Sunday depart on Sunday.   Shoot Monday through Friday wrap on Saturday.
Call karen at 1 505 401 5987
Group workshops available through the Santa Fe Workshops.

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