Monday, March 19, 2012

Ryan McGarvey

Whose Got The BLUES ?
Ryan at his favorite Cigar Bar in Santa Fe NM

R Y A N  M C G A R V E Y
 Five years ago, maybe more...I heard some serious blues guitar riffs, coming out of a local bar off of Rt 66.
I was in photographic show that night and me and my pals were strolling to grab a bite.
We stopped and were mesmerized.  Who is that guy?  Wow what a player I thought so we pulled up a table and ordered.
This was a local kid at the time, tall dark and handsome is putting it lightly.
Something about the musical types charms most anyone!
Having been around many talented folks throughout my career I have often connected many players to A&R folks, producers, magazines and other connections.  Bands like the Spin Doctors and Chris Whitley are just a few.
Ryan is what I call a NATURAL.
Mind you he works really hard, like a virtuoso always practicing, his finger skills are that of an Olympic athlete.
He packs audiences and has a pretty huge fan base for a man based out of New Mexico.
He's now doing gigs in Europe as well and I can imagine him touring Japan.
Check out his music.  Here's a few pics I took while teaching a one on one workshop this weekend.
I would love to take him on a road trip in the south photographing jute box joints.
He would be our ticket in and my images and her words could be a really interesting project.
Ponder That Adventure
I think Video may have to be in tow...anyone want to donate that camera for this project?
Fender Strat Vintage
Chillin at the Cigar Club
Ryan is always indulging find a different shot for him. 
A rather large Cuban

smoke ring anyone?
Cigar Saturday
Pat McGarvey; Ryan's dad is always a love
Bad to the Bone

A few quotes from my favorite Blues Players
Robert Johnson
BB King
Elmore James
Fats Waller
Lead Belly
 Howlin' Wolf 
Stevie Ray Vaughan
Muddy Waters
Johnny Lee Hooker
Robert Cray
Eric Clapton
Johnny Winter
(just a few for starters)

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