Friday, April 3, 2009


I am very proud of the work that is created in the workshop setting with a variety of students, photographers, artists whom dare to take a workshop. I think it takes a ton of courage to jump into a group situation and share and expose yourself and the thing that is really a given is that learning will be an on going process. I don't think I have the back bone to do it. I can come out of my world of shooting assignments to do workshops here and there and one on one workshops however I am a very private person even thou those whom truly know me can say I'm a social creature...that's right I am peeking my head out...teach a bit and back to my reality of which is peace filled and creative on a solo level often supporting the needs of others. I am always amazed by the fabulous connections and work shared in the workshop setting. this particular class is still almost a year later very much on my mind. All my past classes were equally as special however the world of media and internet are just now allowing me the gift of sharing classes images and work to the world at large. Here's to all of you in all classes. Big hugs keep snappin with a caring eye and kind heart.