Saturday, July 28, 2012

Andrew Southam Photographer

photograph by Andrew Southam
Breakfast with photography pals in Santa Fe New Mexico.
Another super week with students and fellow instructors at the Santa Fe Photography Workshops.  I met my friend Norman Mauskopf when I was 20 at the Art Center College of Design.  Norman is an inspiration for his journalist eye is consistently capturing amazing images, memorable and timeless.
This wee we had the pleasure of meeting Andrew Southam.
He has a passion for photographing women, fashion and portraits.
Sometimes in life you just have an instant connect.
Andrew may be running with the big dogs in the fashion world; however he's one of us.
Down to earth, warm and open.  Such a sweet week.
Looking forward to spending more time getting to know the Southam family.
A gracious and talented man. 

Monday, July 23, 2012

Syzygreyd Dancer

"I remember this so clearly. The installation had a sound component that participants could control. 
Dancing in/around this structure was so inspiring and fulfilling. 
So grateful that Karen Kuehn emerged from the dust to capture the magic of the moment."
Kate Puckett

Friday, July 20, 2012

Right To Bear Arms

In The Darkness of The Economy

I fear the future for depressed and varied will be the state of many minds.
No jobs
No self worth
All a bad cycle that can push a persons soul to extreme behavior.
Look round people, feed your friends, give someone a job.
See how you can make a difference to avoid such disaster.
The right to bear arms doesn't mean you can take innocent people's lives.
It means you can defend your life, your family's if backed against a wall.
A sad day for the community, family and state of of affairs here in America.
A spoiled and prevelage country full of abundance and starvation.
People need to feel useful, needed and of value.
Reaching out to at least one other person with care can make a ripple of love felt.
Make a difference best you can.
Prayers going out to all those whom have suffered loss.
Half masked are our HEARTS.

Monday, July 9, 2012

COVER for MetropoLOVE

Photographic Cover
After having a chat with artist; Kate Raudenbush about this book project, she asked me why I didn't have a photograph on the cover?  I hadn't addressed the cover yet!
Love and art and this image wins the placement.
Super stoked to have this book just about wrapped up for fall pressing.
I have a great patron whom will press at least 1000 copies.
Keep you all posted.
Thank you Kate 
Check out Kate's work here:

Sunday, July 8, 2012

MetropoLOVE Almost Public

A project that went on hold for over two years is finally coming to completion.
The last three months has been about crafting it all into one book project I call MetropoLOVE. 
Looks like a pressing of a 1000 copies may happen this fall along with another project to be shot this summer.  I'm super stoked to have major big time angels caring for my soul.
Dark room is in full gear..its been a long process for me this time.  Not really me at all...I've always be in go mode for completing art and this is the first time I've been derailed.  This week were scanning all the 4x5 negatives of the artist work to place in the book and I have to complete the 120 film proofs to see what gems may be added/and or traded for digital files. I shot both and see the value in all the mediums.
My darkroom here in Peralta NM
Laura Kimpton Art negs
Prints shipping out to contributors

shipping daily to subjects and contributors

Monday, July 2, 2012

LA French TV

The French landed in New Mexico for a short stint as they are covering America.
It was my pleasure to hang with them for a small part of their film on my State.
Laurent Le Gall, Gerard Klein, and Gregory Martoglio here on my farm.

Le Nouveau-Mexique est l’avant-dernier territoire à être entré dans les Etats dits “contigus” – c’est-à-dire se jouxtant sur le continent. Il possède pourtant la capitale la plus ancienne des Etats-Unis : Santa Fe fut fondée en 1610, l’année où mourait Henri IV.