Friday, January 16, 2009


WOW! that's Anotonin to me. We have known of one another for many years in the photography circles of New York City and New Mexico when Antonin comes to teach photography workshops. I originally met him while speaking at the Houston Photo Fest way back when I was based out of NYC. The lights dimmed and the images in bold black and white, gritty appeared upon the screen. It was like a heart beat slow and steady and kept you breathless waiting for the next. It was at this event where I really felt emotionally moved by Antonin's images. One such image was of little girls dressed like angels coming right off the screen into the viewers laps. I was so moved by the grace of his eye and felt at that moment that he was a messenger of a different sort. We connected later after the show where I talked him into trading an image. I wanted the angel girls and he wanted a print I shot of my son at 3 weeks old laying below a large redwood tree shot with an 8x10 camera. So the deal was made and we traded a few years later as I recall. I picked him up on my old BMW bike in Manhatten....I rode up and here's the jolliest guy you will meet toten a print and cigar. I hand him a half helmet and he jumped on the back of my bike ... almost popped a wheelie.....we rode to my place and dropped his print off and got mine. Over the years we connect on occation never enough but its always a pleasure.
God Bless you where ever you are Antonin your a special Spirit.

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