Friday, August 10, 2012

MetropoLOVE book is OUT

(link to view book, allow time to load) book price is not marked up.
Its a mock up till my patron funds its pressing this fall.

MetropoLOVE book is completed and on line now.
The BM LLC have all signed off on it and contributed beautiful quotes about love and inspiration.  I hope you will all enjoy.
It is a labor of love.
I honor all of you whom have had my back during its creation.
All my burner buddies and pals whom know how to make a difference.
Thank you for the support and thank you to the subjects well within its content.
This book is the best of my adventures at Burning Man to date.
Ashley and my self worked hard on the Playa that year.
My tech Brian Caven is always dedicated to making it beautiful.
Jenny Jensen, I thank you for the text edits that you constantly do for me because your my friend.  And a shout out to my designer friends: Vicki Teague-Cooper and Nicol Bloss, thank you for all the suggestions last minute to elevate the visuals, type-wise.
This is a peoples project about a community that has embraced me and wouldn't let me go!  My relationship with art and this community is solid.  Thank you.
Going to Burning Man to work is for sure a great opportunity to create.
Burning Man is a fully LOADED habitat.
You have to have your head on straight to work there as their are dark and light aspects.
I got caught in a net of nothingness and it took this project no where fast.
It took me till now, the last 4 months to look at it, stir this dreaded pot and complete it.
I am happy it's FRICKING OVER.
What is, what was is BETTER for the WORSE choice of my life.
The ART will always rise above as the cream is here with in this book,
A full on tray of vision, love, art and friendships stirred, born and those whom have died.
I honored all of you, everyone yin and yang.
I  can now sign off with more INTEGRITY and I"M BACK.
I will never disappear again and loose sight of my art for another persons non agenda.
ACTIONS are where its at.  This book reveals the wealth of friendship I've earned and dedication to support the art, artist and love that has graced my life personally.

Happy Trails to you All.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Ignoranant NOT.

Thank you John Stewart I couldn't of said it better, now I will practice this thought!