Sunday, August 28, 2011

Burning Man Art

Art by Laura Kimpton and her crew, husband Jeff Schomberg.
Every year as of late they have been place one large message upon the playa.
This one makes sense to me.

Thursday, August 25, 2011



photo of Artist Dan Das Man and Photographer Artist Karen Kuehn by Ashly Bryce

For those of you who are intending photographing at Burning Man I've decided to pass on the helpful words of Will Chase's blog "Jack Rabbit Speaks" to you as it is really a matter of being a thoughtful shooter. Many people shoot and do stock and at this event it is not cool to do so and I think that is 100 percent the wrong reason to shoot at Burning Man. Its a private event. I have gone and shot and am in the midst of another project and about to embark on its creation and completion hopefully by late fall.
Please read and share with those who are going to be taking photographs at Burning Man this year 2012 . Be respectful of others privacy and shoot with a kind eye. Good Luck.
Compliments of Will Chase and Jack Rabbit Speaks.


Burning Man has created policies and agreements to enact a special zone for the use of cameras in Black Rock City. These policies are aimed at protecting participants' right to privacy and preventing the commodification of our event and we appreciate all our participants have done over the years to help protect this special zone.

We've continued our quest to keep updating these policies in keeping with the times, while maintaining our ability to protect Black Rock City and its inhabitants. While we've never required registration for personal still cameras, all Video Cameras for personal use must physically register for permission to shoot moving imagery in Black Rock City.

For many years this process has been achieved by filling out a Personal Use Agreement upon entry, stating intent to use imagery only for personal use (friends and family), and affixing an approval tag to the camera indicating this registration has been completed.

NEW INFO: Starting this year, these personal use video cameras will still fill out the permission form, but they will NOT RECEIVE TAGS.

Over the years as technology has evolved, the number, size, and type of personal cameras (and the ways we share imagery online) have transformed this legal landscape -- so much that placing actual tags on these types of cameras has become outmoded and even impractical (where to affix a tag on an iPhone, exactly?). Therefore, we have opted to keep the agreement but eliminate the tag.

The same legal net of protection is afforded for BRC by the terms and conditions ( that *every* participant agrees to by their entry to the event. This prevent the use of ANY image for wide scale public distribution or commercial purposes without expressed written permission from Burning Man.

For video, we also enact the added protection of the Personal Use Agreement, which requires video camera users to state their intentions only to share for personal purposes, and to notify Burning Man before making any further uses.

We anticipate a period of adjustment as we all educate each other about this new method - we've become accustomed to watching out for tags on EVERY video camera, but now, the only tags present will be those on professional cameras. Please remember as you watch your fellow participants using cameras this year that NO personal cameras will carry camera tags - if someones shooting without a tag, it doesn't mean they haven't registered, and they're still required to get written permission to do anything with that footage beyond personal use.

Otherwise, only professional cameras will carry tags. Professional media also wear a laminate that identifies them as members of the press. Media Mecca, Playa Info, and the Civic Info Kiosks located around the city will have posters displaying the 2011 Media Tag looks like so you can identify when a camera aimed at you is tagged with professional credentials.

As stated in the Terms of Use, even if a camera user is shooting only to show their friends and family, they should still observe the right to privacy of their fellow participants, the same as we expect of the press and anyone else taking images in BRC. EVERY PARTICIPANT should be aware of the "Rights and Responsibilities for Media and Participants" at, whether they'll be behind the camera or in front of it.

Also new for 2011: personal use imagery may be licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution Non Commercial Share Alike license, as outlined in the Terms and Conditions linked above - but *only* if your images do not contain nudity! As with all other camera use in BRC, you agree to ask permission and otherwise uphold your fellow participants' rights inside of Black Rock City. For more information on this license for 2011, see our Burning Blog post from January:

Finally, since with the loss of camera tags and Personal Use Agreement forms we are losing a potential avenue to identify lost camera owners, Retro from Community Services suggests that you take a shot of your contact info and leave the image on your camera or phone. This really helps with lost and found return efforts!

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Career & Motherhood

The Sun My H e a r t

Today I reflect on some of my turns in life.
The most important thing that I have accomplished is launching my one son Emmett with is father on board. Mind you we are not a couple for over 15 years now but we are best friends and co raising him under the same roof. All of us are very individual and separate and supportive of Emmett having a safe and loving environment to grow up and go out in the world as a healthy happy young man.
This week he went off to college and that was a bitter sweet moment for us.
He's very independent, has three jobs, working at a synagogue after classes, teaching guitar and drums on the weekends and doing yard work for a local elderly woman.
I think as parents we are so thankful for having this experience and Spirit in our lives.
Teenagers are tough and its been a constant to make boundaries and steer his ship onto some positive future. Its sort of like power steering at times....keeping a kid on track.
But alas as a parent you have to realize that they need to go, and you want them to succeed and be joyful and grateful and abundant with love to give and an up attitude so that one day he will contribute his voice in this world and possibly make a difference.
Emmett is majoring in physical therapy.
He can pick out Jimi Hendrix with great ease.
Mr Health Foodie & Epicurean Herbalist.

So....let me take you all back just a little bit....birthing to be exact!
I worked up until the last moment. I recall Michell McNally flying me for Fortune magazine first class as I was too plump for coach. Emmett was a big boy. As he arrived after a 24 hr labor I was delirious and I asked Shane if the last job was delivered to the New York Sunday Times magazine...still working...go figure!
Three weeks after our birth we went on the road for Bill Black to WY and CA doing two stories for Travel Holiday. We had Emmett on a cattle round up and in the fog of the Ave of the Redwoods run in Northern California, my homeland. The adventures had begun and a series of trips have always been part of Emmett's life as a son of a photographer.
He's been to Canada, Greece, Vie ques, and many other states for assignments I had been awarded. I also remember shooting a cover for the TIME magazine on breast cancer.
All the woman were related, a grandmother, daughters, grand daughters and new Born's.
While shooting all of them going through some very emotional experiences together I was nursing my son....I found myself in the midst of a very unusual situation.
The give and take of life, makes you think right?
I love my job and shooting stories keeps you fresh and open to those adventures.
Emmett has modeled for projects but that is not his thing for the most part.
Growing up in Manhattan was awesome however having grown up in CA camping, fishing, dirt biking I really wanted him to have those experiences. I was having the time of my life in NYC with my assignments, editors and art buyers. I loved my career.
Now a child in tow what was the best thing to do for him?
I moved to the country so he could have an earthy up bringing.
Pluses and minuses always...Was this a career move?
NOPE. It took my income down 2/3rd for sure but now I have a life, I am not in a car zooming here and there pleasing people, but rather I tend the farm, take random calls, work on art and have given our son all the opportunities I could without the constant buzz of an urban area.
NYC is amazing and it was terrific to raise him near Tompkins Square Park, we had a wonderful nanny Yvonne Sylvester, still very dear to our hearts. Dog walker Monet and amazing friendships and other very creative like minded parents. It was a privilege to have that time in our lives.
I have no regrets, I do miss the big money and plethora of job assignments that come from living in a creative hub however I grow my food, have beauty all around me and my son has a big smile on his face. He has left the nest and will return to do his laundry no doubt but now a new chapter for me and his dad.
Shane is moving to town and I am in go mode with getting books published and more assignments.
Seeking a farm hand and now is my time to concentrate on more art projects and love.
Here's a few snaps ... Enjoy

Burning Man 2010

Life on the farm feeding our steers.

Grandpa and Emmett at the Fender Museum CA

Emmett chillin summer 2010 with his Fro.

High School Band Competion

Emmett with Donald of ER

age 8 just moved to NM

Tioga Pass age 6 with mom near Mono Lake

Dirt biken at the Simons farm
Chip Thomas and the boys all blinking , No we don't shoot critters or leave trash at the river.
Very eco minded with the kids....The Rio Grande is in my backyard.

Emmett and his puppy Tank in NM

Emmett in the Lossada of NYC where we lived for his first 8 years.

Emmett and Shane painting the music studio.

Emmett Thank You for being a wonderful son and Shane thank you for not being a dead beat dad and a wonder example of a man in our lives. I wish both of you all the best as we all go on our separate paths and yet still manage to carry on a drama free family. Its been and incredible 19 years and more to come.
Next chapter to be determined. Love, laughter and living vital is my main goal. The present and physical world of creating is where it is at for this farmgirl/photographer.

Sunday, August 14, 2011


My project got delayed but will arrive soon for public viewing.

Working on Images of Burning Man, MORE TO COME.
( A link will be posted after I complete this project)
Working on it this summer to fulfill its completion.

Monday, August 1, 2011

The Importance of Reaching Out

This morning I found this note in my spam files. Kevin was in the first workshop I taught in New Mexico over 20 years ago. I am a big believer in sending letters and notes to people to show gratitude and appreciation. To also say I care and to check in with those we love.
Write a note a make a difference in someones life and the karma will be yours back two fold.
My gift is having amazing students prosper and shine.
Thank you Kevin for taking the time to care for me.
Reaching out puts great energy in the world, a smile and something simple like a note can shift a persons energy lighter.

"Over 20 years ago (June 1990) I took a workshop with you @ Santa Fe. I just stumbled upon your website (glad to see you are still shooting and making wonderful images!) and viewed the short video of your Santa Fe Mag shoot. It was like a refresher course - and very inspirational. Thank you for sharing that today, and thank you for sharing in 1990.
You and your work were inspirational for me then, and now."
All the best,