Thursday, August 6, 2009


Summer season started with a very intimate class of photographers from all around the world.
Class starts Sunday night and I decided to break the barriers with a NUDE SELF PORTRAIT.
I love this project with a group it lets everyone open up and leave there lives back home a little bit more and be present with the week that they so gifted themselves.
The week was filled with many emotions and also lessons on pulling emotional feelings out of subjects. We explored with wonderful models using local spots for backdrops. We did a blindfolded project to heighten all our other senses. To stop doing what we always do in patterns and to get the mind thinking rather than reaction, to dig deeper into their creative beings to produce more vital images. I love teaching for the Santa Fe Workshops and this class is my favorite one to teach to date. Normally I do one on one workshops and work with individuals to expand what they have and manifest more of what seems to be an untouchable dream for some. This years class was sweet and peaceful, a bit more on the calm side than most.
I enjoyed the experience and I want to share with the world the wonderful work everyone did in our class. Thank you everyone I hope your summer is great.