Monday, April 14, 2008

Danny Lyon

Last summer I had the privilege of meeting Danny Lyon; photographer and film maker. In general I love photographer's; they are usually well defined characters.
Danny doesn't fall short of this fact. To say "I'm a photographer" seems to mean very little to a well established image maker like Danny. But rather to talk of the best fishing holes and agricultural landscaping seems more interesting to his nature. I purchased one of his signature pieces over time. I usually collect images that make me travel or evoke a feeling. Normally the images are sensual and down right sexy. This particular image was originally posted on another persons website. It was alluring to me and it made me contact that person. You may know the image of a biker riding over a bridge with a jacket saying OUTLAW Louisville. I look at this image and dream into it, wanting only to be on the back of this bike with this long legged creature. A phenomenal moment in time captured. Danny has a knack for recording many moments timeless and historical. I see a lot of shooters emulating his Bikerider series, but the eye of Danny is by far more superior and studied. Natural, not forced just fluid with a passionate lust for whatever unfolds. Cinema in stills, like Hitchcock and films like The Misfits. Each frame leaves you hungry for more. If you take time to sit down and look at the works of anyone photographer you can be certain if will be like a mini vacation from your imediate world. I always try to identify what I feel afterward. It's not about analzing others works but rather I take it in and appreciate their vision when profound and intentional. Danny sees well in my book...frames perfectly and effortlessly leaves me looking longer with high regard, perfect like flowers.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008



I'm very much living my life fully। Recently I was told if I want to be immersed and more sought out that I should sell ever ything and return to NYC! Been there done that and besides my rustic life in NM better suits my eye and humbles the best of artist. Daily I seem to shoot a few shots, some for me others for request. I feel like a kid walking in a stream of slippery rocks hoping each step I make is firmly planted. Only through trail and error do we learn. The entire process of creativity is spontaneous at best. To be fearless and present I find more rewards. Only one's self can release and allow the freedom of stepping out of one's comfort zone. To do rather than talk of great dreams is by far what motivates creative excess. Asking the mirror have I done this before and how can I better explore the essence of whatever I'm about to unfold.