Thursday, May 15, 2014

True LOVE Surrenders

Green Tara Blessing Our Farm Land

Through the lens of the camera I have fallen in love with almost everyone!
Every Artist man and woman have had me and never realized it. Every type of human being; mothers, fathers, business people, cultured, simple sweet and torn.Children bend me like light wrapping around a tree. Whatever is before me owns the great care of my soul. Be it human or object, natural or fabricated. I am always in a state of honor. Always in motion as long as I breath. Thank you for sharing all the tender hearts.
 360 degrees it takes so little to be thoughtful and kind.
 Practice practice practice.

Monday, May 5, 2014



photo found on FB Danielle Leigh posting

In this African tribe, when someone does something harmful, they take the person to the center of the village where the whole tribe comes and surrounds them.
For two days, they will say to the man all the good things that he has done.
The tribe believes that each human being comes into the world as a good. Each one of us only desiring safety, love, peace and happiness.
But sometimes, in the pursuit of these things, people make mistakes.
The community sees those mistakes as a cry for help.
They unite then to lift him, to reconnect him with his true nature, to remind him who he really is, until he fully remembers the truth of which he had been temporarily disconnected: "I am good."
Shikoba Nabajyotisaikia!
NABAJYOTISAIKIA, is a compliment used in South Africa and means: "I respect you, I cherish you. You matter to me." In response, people say SHIKOBA, which is: "So, I exist for you."

Friday, May 2, 2014

ONE on ONE Workshops BOOK NOW

photo by Brian Caven
Sign up now for a One on One Workshop

This workshop is designed to help individuals develop better people skills in combination with lighting and/or seeing better light as per subject and location.   I can help you become more assertive and yet open to allowing the essence of your subjects to translate with your point of view.   People, be it journalistic or formal portraiture, can be revealed in a natural way and lighting and all the elements of capturing a subject need to be addressed; from just seeing a person in the world as a journalist, to styling, makeup, location, lighting and allowing another's character to come through without looking forced.   However photo illustration and conceptual ideas are and can be part of the creative process while doing portraits.   I will help you to gain access with the camera in a thoughtful and hopefully more evocative way.   Each trip is planned around where you want to go and what you need to hone your skills as a portrait photographer.   The workshop will be a one on one experience that provides you with a wealth of information that has you shooting, mingling, and producing photographs for as many days as you like.   I have almost 30 years experience and can share all of it with you from the technical side to intuitive way of thinking.   We can plug into what works for you and open some of the creative tools so you really enjoy the process of photography as a whole.   I can give you tools to help you if our creatively stuck and I can help you become better at seeing and lighting if that is an area you need to expand.    The time spent will be a mix of shooting, discussing the technical information, and being involved with a 24-hour photographic experience.   
 I can share with you how to make your life rewarding through your art.


You can come to New Mexico for a week or two, travel or I can come to you to explore projects that are relevant in your neck of the woods.  
 We can do day trips or go on the road.  Accommodation's to be determined.  Ever sleep in a Tipi's?


A portfolio and personal phone conversation with Karen is required for admission.   This is the year round workshop.   
If you and a friend want to do a small session this can be accommodated.


 $1000.00 a day.   A week is considered arrival on Sunday depart on Sunday.   Shoot Monday through Thursday,  
Friday review and wrap on Saturday. 

What do you need to work on?  Let me design a workshop for you.


Call karen at 1 505 401 5987

 HERE are a few terrific student testimonies:

"You will experience the time of you life doing a one on one w/ Karen Kuehn. She is a master at teaching you what you need to know to get great shot! Portraits or landscapes, she will get you to shoot the real stuff & process it. She changed my life & brought my photography to a new level. One week is perfect & she will hook you up w/ the most interesting shoots. A must to do. Don't put it off. A truly amazing teacher & women w/ the biggest heart in the world." - ELEANOR PREGER

"I have been think a lot about what I want to say about working with Karen. I tried to come up with something so clever, Richard would dive in head first. No luck. Every time I cam up with something, it was coming from the heart, not the head. So here it is. Richard, I met Karen at a Sanat Fe Photo workshop when my instructor brought her in for a day of talk and images. Her work captured me. We started a conversation, which lead to me working with her for a full week. Best week I have ever spent and beat investment I ever made in my instruction.
My work is so much better having spect time with Karen. I take more chances, and I get much better results. It's not about pointing a camera and tripping the shutter. It's about connecting with your subject (person, object, whatever). The wrokshops are good, and I enjoy going. A dedicated week is so intense ad you learn so much more than the workshop week. Make an investment in yourself and your work. You won't regret it.
In fact, I loved our week together so much, I had Karen come up to Colorado last year. We did a weekend one studio light shoot. Again, glad I did it. You can do so much with one light. And Karen was spot on.
So, take a chance, have fun, and learn lots. You will be much better after your tie with Karen. She is a great teacher, organized, focused, and challenges you to create. Great combo. Good luck." - SCOTT MARKEY