Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Scott London

M U T U A L  R E S P E C T

"Beautiful work! 
I'm always inspired by your photography, by your attention to detail, to craft, 
to connecting with people in an open and honest way. 
There is a wonderful integrity that shines through in your work."

Scott London

Sunday, December 29, 2013

Riding HIGH

New Mexico Magazine - Design Edith Dillman
Home In Every Moment Cherished

I have always been able to adapt from the suburbs, to NYC to the back county of any National Park. 
 I enjoy camping as my family instilled it early on in our lives.
A four star hotel, easy breezy.
I can go from Prada to Dickie's and engineer boots in a blink.
Part of my daily life is tending to chores on my farm.
Its part of my meditation to awaken and care for what is present.
Coffee brewing, a little emailing, work boots up an on to head out feed and shovel up what the critters leave behind!  Its all good.
I love leaving my place for work as well...puts a healthy spin on being grateful for what I have created in my life.
A family, friends, truth, beauty and a very live habitat.
Sometimes too much life as one of my hound dog pups nudges on me with her cold nose to "GET UP."
 Bettie; like a two year old....lets play can be a force of nature.
Dogs eat about 6am and the rest follow.
One cat; Tommy our sweet Siamese.
Winter things here are dormant, lots of shades of gray.
Tortoise's that don't hibernate generally stay in there hut on warming mattes.
Chickens are free ranging
And always the Sand hill Cranes linger in our region.
Sunsets and sunrises they clatter and seek shelter on the Rio Grande.
Occasionally they land in our yard. 
Its an awesome sight.  Fills your heart with wonder every time!
2013 is about to close.
Some things never change.
Makes you realize the need for growth in one s own life.
Photographers often live longer due to the ever changing subject matter.
Always having to consider options for a better image.
Curious natures nurturing creative content.
I'm not sure I want to live as long as some do, especially when you have to freelance for sustainability. 
 It's a tough place to be in our climate.
I am grateful for today.
Riding in the woods behind my house makes a light heart.
Grateful for the support of my photography by many.
Wishing you all a great much needed New Year.
Reality check in.
The four agreements always a good staple.
Actions speak louder than words.
It really is what we do, not what we say that counts.
I have produce a lot of work the last five years.
Gifted plenty of images to all those I have photographed.
It s a full time job just being honorable to say the least.
I am on a project now that needs my full attention.
I m looking for funding all the time to complete these projects.
I've invested all my flow into these books, now its time to make them happen more or just leave this career behind.
Like farming...you make the product and if you can't get it to market what is the point?
So many books on line.
Publishers needed:

Be Honorable People
2 0 1 4
Trust me when I say a tiger never looses it's stripes!
People will always tell you who they are by their actions.
Be a tiger of truth and kindness...

grrrr baby !

Friday, December 27, 2013


Yellow & Turquoise or Red & Turquoise?

Cover Design by Vicki Teague-Cooper


A very long time ago I purchase a painting by the artist Vicki Teaque-Cooper.
A few years back we re connected with social media and than with a photo shoot for the Santa Fe Photography Workshops.  Vicki is by far one of the most creative people I've met that is consistent and imaginative.
Not only is she a world class artist/painter, she makes jewelery and does graphic design to cover her nut like many.
I have been fortunate enough to have her help on some recent projects.
My business card.
The Walter Show 
(a magazine for mutant vehicles you can book)
And now
(BM book project)
Here are our favorite two covers TBD.

ENJOY and here's the links to book this gal if you so shall choose.

I am so grateful for her help.
She always send me dozens of choices and NO ATTITUDE.
A real PRO.
The process is so fun with her and easy.
Like it should be!
Not only did I luck out with great talent I have a solid friendship that keeps growing.

A huge blessing.

Thanks Gal

Vicki Teague-Cooper
92 Verano Loop
Santa Fe, NM 87508
cell: 505.501.4727


Wednesday, December 25, 2013


It's easy to look at other peoples stuff!
It's none of our business.
Hope for the flowers, love not fear and give gratitude.
One moment at a time.
Feed that fire, the good fire.

"Dream of the sun dreaming its worlds. Sing till the song throws out root, trunk, branches, birds, stars. Sing until the dream engenders the spring at which you may drink and recognize yourself and recover."

-Octavio Paz

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Artist Michael Christian

Crew for this project I suspect was many.
The crew in this film helping Michael are:
Sean Michael Campbell
Callan Morgan
Nick Moser
(no special order just gratitude to all) 
A special thanks to all the men and women who crewed Drifts.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Mother Theresa

"It's not how much you give, but how much love you put into giving."  

Mother Theresa

I believe in giving.
I give a lot.
I expect little if nothing in return.
Sometimes you get less than expecting nothing.
You get someone else's in ability to love.
Know that it is not YOU.
Choose wisely so you won't be disappointed.
Their are those who will take everything you have to give and leave you with a mirror of what they shed.
Lean toward the light side and avoid the un evolved.
Wishing you all the Best.

Bliss is my Wish 
Thank You Eleanor for reminding me of this Mother Theresa quote.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Truth Our Greatest Value

Today we remember JFK.
You are nothing without truth.
I have met those whom lie; empty souls that posture.
"Ask not what your country can do for you - ask what you can do for your country."
John F. Kennedy

Attitude Is Everything

"My house burned down, now I can see the moon."


(reading a book about having YES attitude. A book I gifted to my son years ago.
It basically says to find the good and just say YES.)
I have purchased several of these books for gifts over the years.
Little Gold Bood of YES! Attitude by Jeffrey Gitomer

 Book Link:

Friday, October 25, 2013


William Blake
"If the doors of perception were cleansed, everything would appear to man as it is: infinite."

Friday, October 11, 2013


Yesterday I was editing a shoot from this summer, one that I had to push back due to obligations.  The shoot was in a public place and in one of prior blogs about professional courtesy I stated how it is just bad to snake other shooters shots!
So edit is on and I'm looking at this shoot.
One of the subjects eyes are on this photographer who is shooting from the sidelines set back.  I am editing in disbelieve that I am LOOSING all these shots due to the subjects attention on this person shooting who is not part of our group.
Lets talk about distractions!
Attractive people
Other cameras
Assistants with no bras or thongs hanging out!
RED(yup the color red grabs em all the time)
Bad breath
Tattoos can be a problem too!
(Esp if your in an ER and someone is on big meds..they can see other things out of your tattoos and it can cause controversy) I know it happened.
Earn while we learn.
So after viewing the shoot from this project I can say that all those other people viewing my shoot whom were straying around shooting were not GOOD for the final IMAGE.
I have great shots but I may have to photo shop one head to another body.
(Especially with your Cameras)
If you have not preset up an agreement to shoot on someone else's shoot you don't belong there and you should pull 
WAY BACK and not distract the moment.
CLIENTS on ad and magazine shoots, I know you are paying for this so there is some sort of expectations to be filled.
Just remember that if the subjects are distracted by you looking awesome or chiming in a lot, it actually can take away from your paid shoot.
Sometimes controlling just alters the natural energy between a subject and the shooter.
Just hire a smart shooter to do what they do unless your one of those who really just wants to be the photographer!
Than quit the day job and do it.
Let the shooter do there thing and just give those perimeters up front so you can kick back and let it be the best it can be for your project.
Talk to your talent and really press on the fact that they should NOT LOOK at those other random shooters that are snaking shots.
Sometimes you just can't control that stuff in a public place.
And it really sucks when you have met the person and they seem to think they are entitled to YOUR shoot too.
I can only hope they learned something !
Shame is not a bad thing it humbles and when you own it is all about forgiveness and moving onward.
I am off FACE BOOK now due to this incident.
Its just one too many feathers in other folks hats for my content arranged and co created with subjects I respect.
I think I will screen that tee shirt for the next event.

B A C K  O F F
( 1 Mile)
Just cease to exist.
Media passes don't make you ENTITLED-
On my personal moment with this situation.
This is not your SHOT!
I have heard it ALL.
" I have a media pass."
"I am a PRO."
(So don't interupt a shoot.")
"I will send you some shots."
( I don't need your shots.)


is your 
K A R M A 

(matter afact I think pasing cards to these types of people may help)

I'm gonna work on this idea and gif my pro pals this shirt
Put your order in now
John Curley
George Post
Scott London
Josh Keppel
Tristan and a few more. . .

Wednesday, October 9, 2013


This weekend I had an assignment with the Travel Chanel.
I want to say that this team was very organic.
Catch as catch can.
Four to five shooters doing live action with Canon 5ds mostly.
I was pulled in to shoot for a car company as well as the show!
Without leaking content and subjects I just wanted to post that sometimes this sort of situation can be a lynching of images as well.
However this crew was so great.
We all played well together and got tons of images for our client.
NO ATTITUDE and really professional kamacazi shoots.
They obviously have a budget for many eyes and I'm happy to be a part of it.
Its a dance to go in and out of a live film shoot.
Sometimes you have to pay attention to the sound guys needs too.
A constant clicking can really mess up there final cut.
Especially in quiet moments shared.
A non union gig shooting a library for the show and vehicle.
Nice to work around pros always.
Thanks to the production company of which I can' t mention.


Wednesday, October 2, 2013


Hunt For Red October
I remember a noon day movie in some obscure mid west town.
My assistant and I had some time to kill and we were the only people in this theater.
We sat up front and the screen was enormous.
A huge submarine making those sounds they do was coming at us.
It was a Tom Clancy film.
We were there and it was like a 3d feeling.
His books can be riveting and you hang on for each moment leading to the next.
He hooks you.
“I hang my hat on getting as many things right as I can,” Mr. Clancy
Years back I was assigned to do his portrait.
I drove into his home with huge foreboding gates in front of us we rang the bell!
Mind you the fences were missing it was just gates.
Arriving to an invitation to shoot guns in his basement shooting gallery.
Yes lets I said!
So fun that day with Tom.  
He was so kind and sweet natured to me allowing me to make images that would soon come to be some of his favorites so I was told.
I am saddened today to hear of his passing.
I guess that is what we do.
He touched man with his masterful skills of story telling.
It was a honor to work with him in his home.
Tank planted in the backyard and my files are filled with many more images of this legend.
Tom Clancy rest in peace.
You were a wild man to me and I am weepy this day to hear your gone.
Sense of humor will always be embraced.
Thank you for the great time shared.


Tuesday, October 1, 2013

New Mexico Based Photographer

k a r e n k u e h n


(non Union would like to get my Union hours) 

1 . 505 . 401 . 5987
call me


NOTE: In five days over 374 people have viewed the photo edict post featured below.
 I am not on Facebook right now so this tells me a lot.
I have had many people contact me to express missing my posts. 
That my work inspires them and to please return. 
 I am on a project now that needs all my attention and once its done maybe I will reactivate that account. 
 Facebook has been a great medium for fund raising my projects as well as encouraging students to do one on one workshops.
 My blog will have to be the venue for life and work related topics for now.  Seems Facebook wants to own all our images.
Corporate greed and all its trappings I find un-appealing.
 In the mean time living life and working is on the forefront. 
 Thank you everyone for your support and personal notes of gratitude.
I am long over due to create a fine art website so maybe in the new year this can be the project that can sustain a life of making projects and art.
Thank You 
Assignments: 1 505 401-5987

Wednesday, September 25, 2013



Recently I received a lot of tagged images of myself shooting the owners of a major US event.
A shoot that has been planned out over months of emails and careful consideration for each of these folks public identity let alone personal privacy if there is such a thing?
I booked time and brought some props.
There was a postponement for the shoot to a later time another day.
Schedules are packed for the owners of of this event and getting them together in one place is a feat all in its self. 
 I was honoring them as a collective and trying to make an iconic image to go with my personal project.
I would of liked to reveal my images of this group in my own time.
Another photographer whom was not part of my shoot decided to take his own images and post them with no real consideration for my feelings, let along the subjects feelings about the images he "SNAKED" over my shoulders.
I at first thought that this person was fond of me thus posting his images to share a moment about my shoot.
What was I thinking?  I wasn't I found the trappings of flattery and ego only to be fraud with grief.
The reality is that he never asked me how I felt about posting?
He was not invited to be part of my shoot and yet at this event it can be difficult to have a private session.
I often ask all subjects to post and if I were to post and they didn't like it to let me know and I would pull those images pronto.
Public events can be loaded with novice wanna bee shooters.
I am mortified by the numbers of people with cameras shooting over the shoulders of others shooters.
I found this occurring one such evening with Mike Garlington; a seriously talented artist.
I was in disbelief to see a half dozen people behind him snaking his shot that he planned and set up and was shooting.  
I watched a bit that I spouted out!
"You all should be shooting the artist. Not his content."
Mike appeared out from under his 4x5 camera.
"I f-----g love you Karen Kuehn."
Some folks like the amateur label.
  I have worked hard more than half my life creating content for shots.
To tell stories and be original.
I am seriously professional and respectful of my peers.
To see someone post images of my shoot content with out checking to see if I was ready to share my story is sort of disconcerting.  
A bad trend amongst non seasoned shooters.
 I did ask this person to remove those images.
I let him know that I felt he was spoiling my reveal.
Is this a very selfish involved move on his part?
Yes he rained on my parade.
We that care call it "Amateur Hour."
If you respect another other photographers:
1. Don't cop shots.
2. Ask the key photographer permission to shoot let alone post.
3. Be original and coordinate your own shoots.
4. When asked to pull images, do it. ( Just don't shoot someone else's shoot)
5. A real human would care to call and say hey I messed up.
The world is so about the moment now and less about heart and depth.
Why call when you can just delete and text and shut off.
Here was an opportunity to be caring and the result is evident.
I did give him a chance to do so and contacted him in private letting him know my feelings.
Last I heard the shots were still up.
Is this an opportunist take?
Is this self absorbed? You tell me!
He un-friend/blocked me on Facebook after contacting him in private.
I did not publicly shame him for his posting.
Yes this is a photo bomb for sure.
As for my images I will post in my time when I get to this project asap.
I also will not publicly post my shots of my subjects without their permissions.
 I will  run the selection of images by them first.
I will treat them the way I would like to be treated.
.  People with cameras are not necessary talented let alone photographers.
Anyone and everyone has an I Phone and digital camera now.
It's  shame as the artistry and craft of being a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER is waning.
Maybe the world is so over saturated with images and ease to make it so public that the quality is just all about speed and reveal rather than craft and created from a deeper place with in ones soul?

My advise to new shooters and old.
Don't sneak shots of other peoples shoots.
It's in poor taste.
If you want to be a pro, behave like one.
I'm pretty old fashioned and whatever happen to professional courtesy?
If Annie Leibovitz was doing a shoot for Vanity Fair and I was by chance near her shoot!
 I would never snag a shot of her content and post.
It's just all wrong.  And I'm pretty certain she would not want me on set or near without it being pre-arranged.
What is happening in the world around photographs is a strange sense of 
Here is where the collective consciousness is expanding.
It's this kind of entitlement that divides us rather than bonds us as humans.
With bigger issues in the world I can certainly say this is small mindedness.
But we all have the ability to affect each other in a good way and bad way.
Things can evolve in so many ways to create joyful hearts and support groups, the planet, 
mankind and all the idiosyncrasy's  that go along with life sustained. 
We are all connected and caring is a great idea when it is mutually reflected.
People think that because they have a camera they can have access to anything with no considerations for the subjects let alone the relationship a shooter may have between their subjects and whatever they may be co creating.
I have honored those folks within my work since 2009.
I earned some sort of respect based on my out put and integrity.
I feel so robbed of the moment to reveal my shots by this man posting his images.
Where is his heart?
Is this all EGO?
Can he make it right?  Yes. Will he?  
Who knows?
Five minutes of fame for a feather in his cap.
I would of hoped he would of realized his mistake and rendered it fixed.
What can I say?  I've said my feelings and they didn't account for much as of yet. 
Public shooting: is it a dog eat dog world with all those new bee shooters.
I photographed some of my peers this time.
I respect them and their content.

It's a mutual feeling.
Some are pros and some are self labeled amateur.
I aligned myself with a few of the real photographers at this event.
 I hold in high regard not only their image making but their professional demeanor.
Pros have edict and don't need another persons feather in their cap.
I create with all my heart and soul.

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Live Accountably With Integrity

I am a big fan of RUMI
I think we can live fully but I do feel if we don't live and account for one's self than people get hurt.  Don't be self absorbed.
People who play the victim card are pretty much unaware.
100 percent accountable beings get the prize end of day.
The truth 
Question all those you think you should be trusting!
Trust is earned and it is betrayed over and over with those damaged souls.
You can't save lost causes.
You can love your self by avoiding all liability in your relations.
I believe in Safety now more than ever.
I look fear in the face and face it off with integrity.
I am all about my reputation.
(small minded people will always try to destroy what they themselves don't have...)
Being notorious is just part of life s mysteries.

Awesome is as AWESOME DOES

Sticker on Ian Liljeblad mutant vehicle from BM

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

3 Words

Three People Three Words
I have heard three words this month to describe my way of seeing.
I am so touched and honestly just loving all of these folks for amplifying my craft.
As an artist you just work and the kudos are sometimes just not so easy to accept.
But this month I am proud to be me.
All three of these folks touched my soul.
Makes me want to bloom bigger.
Thank you.

Gabrielle Kuzsel

" Exponential "
Josh Keppel

Pamela Stewart

Words can love, distroy and heal, choose wisely.
I was gifted these and feeling grateful to these people for recognizing my journey and a lot of hard work.


In A Writers Eye
Photograph by TEK
Pamela Stewart has requested images from me a few times this year.
Scott London and Katy Boynton.
This last week we had an interview on the work I am doing on the Playa.
I just wanted to say that this interview was the most thoughtful of all ever.
Pamela cared about every detail and I feel that she went beyond he norm for a writer.
I have to take my hat off and bow.
I love my burning man community. 
 It extends beyond the Playa and to Canada 
O how I love you so.
Thank You Pamela Stewart and IGNITE Me for the lovely interview.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Group Show

In/Visible Borders
20 photographer in New Mexico are part of show curated by Mary Anne Redding.
Opening is on September 9th at the Marion Center for Photographic Arts
Santa Fe University of Art and Design
1600 Saint Michael's Drive
Santa Fe, NM 87505

Soon to be filled up by 20 NM photographers
David Michael Kennedy and Mary Anne Redding
Submitting two pieces each for the current show.
I asked Mary Anne where the holes in the show were and she said ...
Gay and Sex

No problem I 'll go shoot.
I prefer to shoot fresh all the time.
My favorite is journalist capture.
Real time, real people.
This is where my eyes are happiest.

I chose these two shots from 29 rolls of 120.
Each photographer gets to share two.

So one for the men and one for the women.

Vaya Con Dios

Wednesday, July 31, 2013



Recently had an interesting experience that grew over a few years of working with my assistant.  Not a pro by any means but a nice enough kid.  What occurs when you work close with someone and they get into your sacred world is that there is some sort of lack of boundaries on both parties sides.  You tend to get more friend like and less boss like.
The assistant even wants more of a friendship and calls you out on barking orders.
Being open minded you agree, and than after the job is done they leave and I mean they leave you with the mess.
What friendship?  The parties over and they disappear only to see that they have face booked and friend-ed everyone you photographed and worked with on the last project.
This is really unprofessional I feel and it lacks respect.
I am never attending a festival or event, long job without a non disclosure form signed prior.
I have even had one assistant sleep with my editor saying it isn't a big deal.
IT WAS.  I never worked for that client again when those two ended their relations.
It's in POOR taste to sleep with your bosses clients.
We all make mistakes. I ve made a few that stunk too.
But we learn.  And while your at it don't work with your friends cuz you might hurt their feelings even if its business.
I am running a tighter ship now.
I got through 30 years without any law suits.
I would like to continue it and maintain the level of journalism and artistry without 
my reputation tainted.
I do my job and I do it with all my heart.
11. SECOND PARTY WILL NOT interact with FIRST PARTIES CLIENTS/PATRONS other than job related.
                  Personal relations will be respected and ASSISTANT will remain as such to do the tasks hired.   
                  SECOND PARTY will not pursue relations with CLIENTS/PATRONS and Karen Kuehns friendships. 

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Pitts

Digital Image by karen kuehn

Last week I reached out to the editor of Rolling Stone.
I needed a favor!
I wanted to shoot with Kid Rock for a project being curated here in NM.
20 photographers covering many aspects of this region.
The photography editor contacted Kids agent (keeping name private) and they basically said he isn't a fan of photography shoots!  I get it. I was told no; however knowing that Live Nation would most likely have a photographer comping their time for the event I reached out again with logic and about 7 hours till the concert call and I got an email saying you can shoot the first three songs.  YEAH!  I was so happy to get this permission.
My goal was to do a shot of him with the fans but once in the pit you can see that isn't likely to happen, due to the said placement of media.
 The sun has set and the stage lights mostly shine on the talent.
I was shooting wide lenses as well with digital and 120 film camera and a Hassleblad panorama.
Pit shooting is tough stuff....you are so limited and when you know the talent often they play to the camera.
Kid gave all of his energy to the audience at the Isleta Journal Pavilion.

Each venue has rules and for me a first was to hand over my gear to a security kiosk in between shoots.
Shooting 25 years now wow I was a bit taken back.
Much has to do with the talents wishes to perform and not have cameras in there face understandably.  
I shot some digital but mostly 120 B&W.  I hope the negatives are thick enough.
Digital Image by karen kuehn
Digital image by karen kuehn
A lot of heart in this man.
One of the things that touched me most about this show was that the Shiners were selling CDs.
  Kid is a big contributor.
Right On
Digital Image by karen kuehn
Pit shooting may not be ideal but sometimes its better than nothing.
And sometimes amazing things just happen.
Just say yes and go for it.
I always believe that shooting is like being an athlete.

Keep exercising your eyes. 
It was killing me that I couldn't run around and shoot some of the fan base.
One guy had one leg and he was dancing up a storm.
Looked like a Vet to me.
I had many moments to just people watch and it made me think as a journalist.
Many people had the "best night ever."
Me it left me wanting more.
I was dreaming in my head about adding to his show.
A horse on stage that was of coarse not freaked out!
A flame thrower for a song would be insane.
And that is the way I think....creative on the edge.
I'd love to work with him for a tour.
Kid if your reading...hint hint.
Instagram/verizon phone image by karen kuehn
I got my swagger on and loving my Kid Rock on TOP.

"the mule keeps kickin and the chickens in the pen"
Kid Rock
(first song lyric just rocks your booty...having livestock and chickens makes it a fav)

The Chickens in the Pen