Friday, June 15, 2012

Divine Spirit's

Divine Masculine - Divine Feminine

I have always had a way of drawing in some of the most unique people into my life.
The last six months has been one healer after another.
Baba Dez is all about love and sex healing.
Not an issue with me at this time but what a wonderful connection to have made based on a film about his Temple in Sedona and the healing work he does for couples and individuals that need help to feel love and peace within.
He is incredibly open and free.
I say free as he is just doing the work that most can t do sexually to evolve out of patterns that are some sort of stayed and possibly stale.
He is a poly amorous being.  He is honest about it unlike the most of the population I've come to know.  He's got gifts and being in his presence is a blast.
He's very silly and fun and serious about his work in a LIGHT way.
But he will call you on your crap if you table it.
You have to be accountable.
He stopped by with one of his lovers; Sonia; a Goddess creature.
We all got along super and had a fine time over meals and making images.
Love and hugs and free to be as sweet as pie.
I was shown yet another beautiful male and female energy.
Inspired by his honesty I feel a blessing over what had betrayed my soul in the last few years.  Honesty reveals the integrity of humans. 
 Dez has restored my faith in man.
Men of equal evolve are really key, men and woman whom dare to grow and evolve are far more interesting to me than those who are manipulative and fear driven.
Love is the only way we can elevate our world 's issues to a higher frequency.
Time is so precious.  
This day with Sonia and Dez sweetens my heart and soul.

Here's a few images from our shoots, more to come.

Desert; One of the sweetest men I've ever met.
Sonia; Goddess of the Yerba
Chakra Love
Play time for chakra workers
Throat and Third Eye Chakra
Yoni of the Goddess in Peace
Fetal Divine Female
Fetal Divine Male
The Offering
My name for Dez is Baba Yum
Playtime thinking about book covers
Everything with Dez is honest and with INTENT.

About Dez    

"With intent and awareness we arrive in a place of wholeness where we embrace, appreciate, and celebrate life force energy fully and completely. We can live free of limiting beliefs, judgments, and telepathic agreements and a addicted life experience. On the Spiritual/Sexual Shamanic path, everything in life becomes a meditation and a prayer. We learn to feel, live, flow and let go into the oneness that is Divine Love."

About Sonia

Well I have to say being a photographer is always interesting.


Love that Desert is bare naked and were laughing all day long with great conversations and it was as if we were all clothed or naked, it didn't matter for the depth of joy and shared stories seeded new friendships. 

"Free thinker, free dancer, centered in the off center.Well if you don't know something already... Groove on barefoot ecstatic dance, Duncan dance, music is everything, silence is good. Bhakti yoga, raw food, cooked food, books, art, NATURE, other cultures; any progressive voodoo hoodoo alternative open minded thinking. Nonthinking is good....Zenning is good. Holistic Healthy and Integral Living. Spiritual. Tantra. Energy Awareness. Touch. Relationships based on being present; inspiration and follow through....creative projects. I adore the sea and the night sky."

Thank you Desert and Sonia for such a free shoot and letting me play with your mind bodies and Spirit's
Gifts always the Blessings shared.
I love you both.


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