Thursday, June 30, 2011

"If you can see your path laid out in front of you step by step, you know it's not your path. Your own path you make with every step you take. That's why it's your path." — Joseph Campbell

15 Years Freelance NYT

Nice to Be Included in This Book Project.

Tell a Story

photo by karen kuehn


photography by karen kuehn

The Santa Fe Photography Workshops are some of the finest in the world.
This day we demonstrated several ways to look at a subject.
One of my favorite slogans!
JT lives here locally and he hooked into our class through the workshop model coordinator.
We had the privilege of working with many talented subjects. We worked on connecting with our talent. JT brought is musical instrument and set the stage, than Deidre walked into the space and started dancing and playing ethereally with the light! A magical moment to run with and all the students did so with ease. Everyone just fell into place. I had a plan that changed at a moments notice to be in the flow and it all evolved into a better day.
Sometimes we try to control a situation and loose everything. I think if you flow and let go of how you have projected a concept of how things should be at the end of the day you can have a more fruitful experience. The models were blown away as the students and myself.
A very special day to remember.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

ARTIST Vicki Teague-Cooper

"I just had the most transcendent experience being photographed by my friend Karen Kuehn. Karen is the High Priestess of photography. She is a professional who has done it all--famous people, magazines, ads, books, the works. We both lived in the East Village in NYC, but did not meet until I moved here to New Mexico & we met about 15? years ago when she was teaching a class for the Santa Fe Photography Workshops. We lost touch, but recently reconnected & she asked if I would be her 'demo' subject for this year's workshop class. These are a small sample of the amazing results! she did about 600 shots over a 3-hour session with her 6-7 students observing/helping)"

This week I took my class to Vicki Teaque-Cooper's home. We were welcomed with a big heart and open arms by both Vicki and her husband Steve. I like doing at least one demo in a subjects home for students as it helps them to see the process of meeting someone and how I see and feel about spaces and subjects within their familiar habitat as I call it.

Art everywhere, best describes Vicki s home, texture and abundance for a photographer to play with and make imagery to best tell a story about their sweet soul. Vicki is engaging and her eyes are captivating, married 40 years to Steve they felt so connected and in love with ease and more appeal than most I've met. He was thoughtful and generous and more than supportive of her needs. We really had a wonderful few hours here at their home.

After departing a day later Vicki came to my class and reviewed the work, phew she was happy!
I really care that the subject does in fact like some of the images before we release them publicly. Its always good to create a buzz and amp up a true talent and I believe we did do this with our subject. Putting a little fire under a huge talent can only elevate their mood and sense of artistry. When you live in remote places sometimes you forget that others really adore your work and see the huge MOJO you naturally carry. Vicki is an incredible talent and it is a privilege to be welcomed in her home. And I still have a piece of her art work from 20 years ago when I started working with the Santa Fe Photography Workshops.

Thank you to my class and the artist Vicki Teaue-Cooper

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Happy Fathers Day Pop

Old Guys Rule
One of my clients. I gave only a few of these hats out to the men I love most.

My Pop 2011 in NM

Example of a man, my dad...super fine, actually my step dad but he was the man that shared all my child hood experiences through my life with abundance. My mom met Bud/my dad at his Marine shop in Bellflower Ca. where she took her boat to get fixed. She made him a sandwich to fix her engine...go figure...they have been married for a very long time, a merged family of six kids, they travel yearly to many places and camp, dirt bike still, fish and do water sports. My dad can fix anything. He's kind and honest and one hell of a cool guy. He is very open and not set in stone with ideas that keep him rigid. Its always a delight to share time with him, he's gentle and appreciates everything about living creatively. He is creative, his mind can look at something and just figure it out in a few minutes, a problem solver and one of those unique people who has been gifted with that inventive sensibility.
I am blessed for having a great dad.
A hard act to follow.
Very few men like my pop. Matter
a fact I haven't met anyone with as much integrity to date.
Thanks for being my dad.
You are always in my heart.

NOTE to my dad this fathers day.

My Dad

"He's strong in character with a heart full of grace
Kind to all who he comes face to face
I am so lucky to have you your first place
The best dad I could of asked for your my ACE.
Whenever people ask me who is your pop
I say he's the finest man I know
If your to marry a man like your dad than I've not met him as of yet
As your the one who has been by example by far harder to find another
A man with great value and fiber, a man that can do and be and follow through with great care.
My mom is the luckiest to have found you and men like you are so rare.
I remember so many good times as a child and how you provided wonderful trips and a lifestyle for all of our family.
I have modeled my life after you and mom
I have nature in my back yard due to your influences

Camping and being outdoors for all our good times I'm so thankful for knowing life outside the city limits.
I give my son the best I can and you are my inspiration for him to see and be near you.
I hope all that man energy rubs off on him too.

Thank you for years of support and still.
You mean the world to me more than most.
I'm proud to be your daughter and to have you be my father.

I am grateful.
I love love you and wish you a wonderful fathers day.
We are thinking of you all the time with good thoughts and all our love"

One of your kids always your the best.

Clarence Clemons Sweet Dreams

photographed for Elle Magazine - karen kuehn

“Clarence lived a wonderful life,” Bruce Springsteen said in a statement last night. “He carried within him a love of people that made them love him. He created a wondrous and extended family. He loved the saxophone, loved our fans and gave everything he had every night he stepped on stage.”

Clarence lived large, never a dull moment. In the 80s I met him for a magazine shoot, Elle Magazine. He showed up at my NYC loft horn in hand and some wild outfits....leather suits and animal prints. I was had just arrived from being a Montana NPS Ranger in Glacier. I had never met anyone like Clarence. He was BIG, "The Big Man" .

He embraced my Spirit open arms and with such ease a sweet friendship began with dinners out and frequenting my local pub; The Raccoon Lodge down stairs from my Warren street loft.
Everyone loved seeing Clarence in my hood. I brought many a notable entertainer into that bar for a drink of to shoot some pool. Clarence knew how to have a very good time.
I didn't really know who half the people were I was assigned to shoot and I was not star stuck by any of them accept James Taylor when he showed up at Saturday Night Live.

Clarence got that I wasn't a groupie or could care less...we just liked to laugh and he was such a flirt with the girlie's. He said I was not like the other city folks...I had something compelling!What I will never know but I live by the seat of my pants back than and sometimes still and being present is a sure way to enjoy life rather than being a round peg in a round hole or missing that fit all together. Being open has made my life really interesting. I shared some deep talks and silly moments with this dear man. I will never forget the time you looked at me and said what do your think your room mate is doing? Micheal Biondo fashion photographer! I said well I think he's smoking your weed and blowing your horn right now! I will never forget his look of terror at that moment....Really?
I loved kidding him for a rise...all the time...He was one of a kind with a "Hungry Heart"

God Rest Your Soul Clarence

You made my life richer.

Friday, June 17, 2011

This Penny is For You.

Mellisa Alexander photograph by karen kuehn

This Penny is for YOU.
May you wish and do exactly what is best for you.

True To Self

"Through my journey I have talked w/ several friends and the #1 question is:
Who do I admire most?
My Answer is KAREN KUEHN!

Karen is independent, self sufficient and free!
The most True Person To Self - I have ever met. "

Christy Penn

Thank You Miss Christy for reminding me of the Woman I am.

(photo of Christy being photographed by Scott Markey)