Monday, May 28, 2012

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Sculpture by Laura Kimpton

If you would like to back or pledge this project:

KICK STARTER Completed with much love to all.
I will honor all pledges according to the kick starter rewards for MetropoLOVE
Here's my address and/or PAY PAL For those who will want to be included in the Print pledges.
I will post images within the month for interested parties whom want a print from the series.

Karen Kuehn

6 Frontier Ct
Peralta NM 87042
505 401 5987


Thursday, May 24, 2012


8/28/09 - 5/24/12
(it was a slow death of  spirit starved by words of love fed by actions in lies)
Diesel recognized truth and her own salvation as clear as a tiger has stripes.
Diesel never met her match in her lifetime.
Sober and evolving.
She had the courage to do the work and the right thing.
She kept her word and honor as she went down the lazy river.
All that remains is a charcoal silver heart that had been a blaze.
Still burnt the remains.....they chime a prayer for health and wellness.
Prayers for those whom need them more.
Diesel embodied the truth of which could not be reflected.
Driven crazy, she was put to rest.
Bless Diesel's Spirited being and Protect her from the sick and ill of life.

Rest In Peace

Artist, Warrior Woman, Goddess and Mother

Resurrected May24 2012
k a r e n  k u e h n 

I am thankful to see the light again in my life and my darkroom.

Nice to have you back.

 Yes my dark room is painted s chic room!
over 100 4x4 sheets of pin hole and 110 120 to soup

Wednesday, May 23, 2012



The list grows even after making my goal on kick starter I have had several folks step up to the plate.
Mailing checks and pledges has been a blessing.
I am focused on this project with two more behind it.
Should be completed by mid July for the review at Burning Man in San Francisco.

Thank You Everyone

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In The Beginning

Photograph of Lovers at Karen Cusolitos Infinitarium

TODAY the email reads, were no longer together; however we give you permission to use the image of us without our quotes. 
 My heart sunk as I have heard this story before.
Compassion and empathy for the heart aches and suffering of many, many times over till we meet our maker.
Not the first nor the last parting for lovers.  
I decided to write a little dedication to hold space for lovers past.  
To honor the love that was real and in that moment all that counted. 
 You can be at Burning Man with thousands and if your with the lover you want than only you two truly exist in time light and space.
O to the all LOVERS Great and Small may you learn the gifts of love and value what was to be what will be.
Well Wishes Always
In The Beginning

Passages In LOVE
Well worth The Embrace.
Embryo and fluid graced.
Fueling two Souls.
Merging and mingling.
A dance of desire for familiar.
Impermanent and precious.
Holding and adoring in rapture.
We breathe life into each other.
"this is not sex I am loving you."
Dreamlike treasure.
Lovemaking; our music; rhythm on fire.
The dance ends and we begin again.
Two souls that love each other for a time. 
It would be in genuine not to honor the Union of Lovers.
May your passages of love and self discovery awaken a newer sweeter you.
May you find a love that feeds your garden with delight purely and good intent Spiritually.

Always Love
karen kuehn
A big thank you to the couple here whom want to remain un named.
I bow to you both in your journey with a prayer especially for each of you. 


Monday, May 21, 2012

Stop to Smell the Flowers

Stellar By Night

photographs in Brandon s dads paint booth.
Congratulations to New Mexico's local band Stellar By Night.
Brandon Roukus,  Bryant Gifford and Josh Best produced by Shane McConnell
Winning Best Metal Band.
Met Brandon years ago as a volunteer fire fighter.
He walked onto my property looking like Robert Plant.
It was a double take for me as he seemed out of place and character; a rocker in firefighting wardrobe!
As I got to know him and his dreams we began a friendship.
I needed some welding help and he needed photographs
He had a band and that was an easy hook up.
My sons father is a musician and produces TV spots and songs for bands/ singer song writers.  I did the introduction and Brandon and Shane have become a successful team.
This is their second award won together here in New Mexico.
Good Job Men.

 Stellar by Night
Shane McConnell

Sunday, May 20, 2012


7 days to meet GOAL.$2346.00 to make the goal set at 15,000.00.  

M E T R O P  O  L O V E 

List of Patrons for BURNING MAN PROJECT

In order received.
Special Thanks goes out to:
TODD KOONS philanthropist . friend . patron saint to many.
K A R M A Pages featuring: 
Christopher and Amber Marie Bently ANGELS in the L I G H T of L O V E
Please pledge on the included link, see rewards.
Blessings to all whom support this project.
Vicki Teaque-Cooper
Aurdry Razagitis
Vincent Waller
Griffin Stenger
Wes Warren
Steve Liska
Kelly Miller
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Joy Godfrey
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Tess Felix Greene
Cynthia Searight
George Bott
Eleanor Preger 
Anna Gray Noe
Josh Keppel
Scott Hicks
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Robert Bengston 
Amir Glogau 
Rob Buchholz 
Jerry Courvoisier
Helen Nester
Marshall and Priscilla Wheeler Smith
Jody Frost 
Jeff Morehouse 
Dana Wotruba
Dean and Lisa Abatemarco 
Teresa Pemberton Jouany 
Sara Stathas 
Kate Russell 
Richard Khanlian
John Halcyon Styn 
Brian K. Edwards
Joy Harjo
Allen Jeter
Kyle Zimmerman
Mihael Melford
Bobbi Lane
Obie Benz
Dave Herndon
Doug Beasley 
Erica Berger
Eric Swanson 
Gary Breckheimer 
Danny Miller 
Steve McCormick 
Jennifer Esperanza
Dalton Portella
Daniel Milnor and Amy Kawadler
Genevieve Russell
Sue Beatty 
Michele Worstell 
Julia Whitelaw & Marco Cochrane
Adam Greenhood 
Barbara Klar 
Brad Horn, Coburn Dukehart & the Mighty Quinn
Eliza Karlson Phat Pencil 
Stacey Neff 
Juliette Wolf-Robin
Barbara Griffin
Alison Seiffer
Genevieve Beth Grady 
Johanne Shepley Siff
Memphis Barbree 
Victor Echeverria 
Matthew Pearson 
Jennifer Spellman 
Christine Betow 
Dawn Barker
Dr Deb Windham 
Brigitte Carnochan 
Ed Hing 
Cathy Budd 
Krissy Hicks 
Merrilee Proffitt 
Roy Tennant
Matthew Leitz
Rave'n & Mark
Art Brewer 
Erika Wanenmacher 
Mark Ehlen 
Sonia Zobel 
Karen Ballard 
Dirk Ansch├╝tz 
Dodd Demas 
Imke Lass 
Cyndy McCrossen 
Jennie Whidden 
Nathan Jurevicius 
Ivy Lappin 
Robert Mueller
Katie Doidge 
Deb Fearon 
Michaell Lujan 
Kenny Morrison 
Acey Harper 
Dusty Burton 
Scott Markey 
Sandrine Di Rienzo
Hakim Bellamy 
Jon Stern aka We Heavy
Cinda Williams and Norah Walsh 
Trudi Forristal 
Jeffrey Gray 
John McReynolds 
S Cameron Markey 
Ibrahim AlHusseini 
Lindsay Linton
John Curley 
Jaime R. Carrero 
Mark Miller
Label and Sistee Horowitz
Emilio Garcia 
The Temple 2012 
Heather Bingham
David Koch
Peter Lueders
Jonathan Mayer
Erik Richard Unger 
Virginia Keehne
Christy Penn 
Richard Kelly
Elizabeth Heisey 
Charlotte DeGraeve 
PIlar Woodman 
Christina Pettigrew 
Diane Moody 
Christian Yuhas 
Joe Conte
Lloyd Greene
David Welch 
Kathleen Sabo
C.S. Lee 
Nicole Bloss 
Jamey Stillings
Jess Hobbs 
Hansen & Prezzano 
Michael Lujan
Steve and Lana Hardy 
Mike and Sandy McCallister 
Jeff Kowal 
Richard Bluestein
Shawn Cunningham
Frances Meihop 
Scott Kelby


photography by karen kuehn "The Walking Sun"
Mr. Siberfi
"An intensity of emotion that inspires us to grater heights." 
This kid had every photographer all over him.
I took a minute as well to capture a few shots.
Photo demeanor on the Playa at times can be less than more.
In general most of the shooters are seasoned and super cool people, some of my favorites.
I like to scoot around quietly and discover as if invisible.  I am not one to stand out but rather prefer to remain as un-noticed as possible.
I prefer to be private with subjects and I remember this one situation where a shooter just wouldn't give me a break with this kid.  Its a delicate balance of getting permission from th subjects and at the same time don't loose the shot....Is it journalism or portraiture?  So not unlike surfing for me you need to get in a "LINE UP." 
If you see someone shooting with a subject stand down and disappear best you can and give that photographer space to get a shot or two.  Subjects are plenty here in Black Rock City.
I had to actually tell this other shooter to give me a break.
I think if your shooting at Burning Man you have to ask yourself.
Why and what is my purpose.
What will be the outcome in your dreams to reality?

VERY IMPORTANT Consideration

Don't shoot couples making love on the Playa without their permissions.
Its sacred and disturbing PRIVACY.
Do you want someone in your bedroom shooting you making love to your partner.
The Playa has so much magic and give space to those whom are in rapture even if in public.




For some folks dressing up can open them to become more creative and allow all those other characters within them to emote playfully.
  It was sunset and they were driving by as we were wrapping one shoot so I managed to get them for a few shots. 
What inspires them and what is love.  As a photographer, all shooters love the unusual suspects, odd and out of character makes for terrific and playful image making.

"Passions first glimpse
Inexplicable attraction
Dynamic combustion

Pulses quicken
Pheromones ignite
Juices mingle

In the quiet of recognition
It’s love that holds us together"

Rose Sellery

"More than just about fun we are inspired by the JOY of physical expression of the alter EGO."

Tobin W Keller 

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

The Four Agreements

by don Miguel Ruiz

The Four Agreements are: 

1. Be Impeccable with your Word: 
 Speak with integrity. Say only what you mean. Avoid using the Word to speak against yourself or to gossip about others. 
Use the power of your Word in the direction of truth and love.
2. Don’t Take Anything Personally
Nothing others do is because of you. What others say and do is a projection of their own reality, their own dream. 

When you are immune to the opinions and actions of others, you won’t be the victim of needless suffering.
3. Don’t Make Assumptions
Find the courage to ask questions and to express what you really want. 

Communicate with others as clearly as you can to avoid misunderstandings, sadness and drama. 
With just this one agreement, you can completely transform your life.
4. Always Do Your Best
Your best is going to change from moment to moment; it will be different when you are healthy as opposed to sick.

 Under any circumstance, simply do your best, and you will avoid self-judgment, self-abuse, and regret. 
The Audio Chapters


photograph by karen kuehn at Bliss 2010
I don't need to go into the details but we've all had a few hot experiences with food.
Whip cream is just a standard for many and big fun.
While viewing the incredible 50foot nude sculpture Bliss we found this couple passing out shortcake and whip shots.  
Very sassy, sexy and fun. 
 They indulged me for a kiss in history.
Still together I was happy to hear they gave me a few sweet quotes about what is love.
Lots of gifting on the Playa and food is one of the best gifts as it usually shows up on time for the famished Burner.

"One flat of strawberries, diced, frozen and put in ziplock bags.
Six  cans of whipped cream.
Eight loves of pound cake, sliced and (2/2) quartered.
Serve to 400."


"Sharing love and sharing with people magically brings us closer.  Always."


The Cycle of LOVE

Cycle of LOVE
Tomas and Rae take a moment to scoot around the Playa.
These two people are busier than bees making sure that your art experience is maximized with the Black Rock Arts Foundation.
You may ask what happens to the art after it leaves the Playa?
BRAF is one of the main foundations that helps place large pieces globally.
Be sure to check them out and if your a patron of the arts with excess money make a donation to support placement of public art.

"Riding our Schwinn Twin, Double Trouble,  is a good metaphor for our "cycle" of love -
We strive to: be in sync, let go, keep pushing, take over when the other one gets weary, 
and move forever forward. And, working smoothly in tandem, we can be twice as powerful 
-- and twice as playful.

Tomas and Rae 

9 days 2500.00 to MAKE GOAL


A modest pledge still gets your name in the book on the KARMA pages
Thank You to all those whom can be part of this project about 
Love and Art at Burning Man.


" Karen is truly a unique photographer,she finds the overlooked or "missing part of your soul  in her photos.  
She is a joy to work with, totally professional, efficient, never exploitative or manipulative"


last day of burn I ran over to Dusty and Dimples to make a sweet memory.

Making New Friends
Friendships that sustain time are some of the most valued.
I met Dusty Burton 2009 BM at our camp.  He was kind and generous, always wanting to share the adventures.  I was on a mission so taking a break to play was not of interest to me at the time. After the burn myself and my assistant/dear friend "Rocket" met Dusty in Reno to see the Celtic Forest exhibit and than to the Museum where I fell in love with Kate Raudenbushs piece.  She also had a teardrop sculpture on the Playa that year.
Over the year we spoke many times via the phone.
Just a really nice connection and he was a good friend to me.
2010 I met his partner Laurie aka Dimples.  
It was great to see and feel Dusty find a fabulous love.
Laurie is a beautiful Spirit with mad skills in the area of healing.
When you see two people growing together you see positive changes.
Pounds drop and faces change. The lights go on so to speak.
I want to wish them much love and successes.
I am happy to get to know them bits at a time.
Big Hugs to YOU BOTH.

" Love and Passion
 Heart and soul
 Forceful And tenacious
  Clear Light and Warm Heart"

 Dusty Burton

"joy love connection safety vulnerability imperfection challenge
a radical heart embraces it all with passion and abandon
surrender to love as a path of  transformation"

Laurie Agee
Warmest Always Glad to have the connection growing.

At Burning Man Anything is POSSIBLE.
But to carry it past and beyond the Playa takes real courage.


Walter The Bus

Walter is an oversized VW bus
This is Walter and his story is worth reading.
You can't tell from this photo but under his facelift is a rather large fire truck.
the story is posted on Walters website.
Check it out here.

So many beautiful mutant vehicles are brought to the playa.
This one is a favorite.

" People working together can accomplish the most amazing things; things that no one individual could ever hope to accomplish."

Kirk Strawn

Friday, May 18, 2012

LOVE is Awake

So much love in the world to feel and reflect as well and accept.
The Universe provides lessons in every experience shared.
To really love you have to show up for your self.
Honor and maintain high standards or you will trip into the trap of suffering.
When we fall in love with someone we drop our guard and trust unconditionally.
Not always a wise move.
We are here to learn and evolve, make a difference if your lucky.
Karma past present future. 
Do you run from love or run to it?
Choosing the quality of love you want can feed your soul in a healthy way.
"It is never too early or too late to care for the well-being of the soul."
People who talk a lot and spin things often run from love.
They think they are running to it but seriously the most wounded and depressed souls I've met are the one's loudest in the room. 
If that isn't you, most certainly you have witnessed a few suffering out of need!
I call them the "LOOK AT ME" people.  They are hurting the most and need the most compassion and love.
Often a cry for help.
Unresolved issues usually posturing themselves in prominent positions to be important. 
The "lover" can't show up for you if they haven't arrived for themselves. 
It works both ways.
We must break old patterns.
Not settling for less is being awaken to accept more and be abundant for those we love.
To edit and recognize an equal partner means recognizing in time the reality of whom you share love, being open to growing rather than staying stuck in the old ways of our family teachings. We learn together and break patterns to love deeper.  This is exciting if you have a partner that shares this possibility in real time.
The Four Agreements 
( a good read to wake up and break patterns) 
Are you stuck with your old ways not working out?
Change means stop the game of the circle dance...get a new point of view move out of your self imposed box.
 "THE WORK" to manifest healthy and happy choices is much more interesting.
Everyone is exactly where they are suppose to be in their processes.
As we awaken we can learn the lessons and avoid the path of suffering.
You are not a bad person if you don't have the mature tools to progress in life.
But you will continue to hurt and hurt others, not unlike a blister.
It will all pop in time and be messy.
You can have many loving experiences in a lifetime.
Over and over and over like a broken record.
Creating a rather broken story and wounding souls.
Stopping those patterns is hard but possible.
Boring and predictable might as well be dead.
Being in a love relationship can't be one sided.
Single minded people have an agenda, secret or otherwise.
As Eckthardt Tolle talks of many times over 
The EGO is the child and self absorbed energy.
When you are with a great LOVE they think of you rather than posture or placate you for personal gain.
 Co dependent existing with another person is killing love in American households hence the same old story.
Affair after affair and so it goes...creating a pattern that feeds the brain of the "thrill" this becomes yet another addiction for many of those types.
All kinds of characters out there, just make sure your dreams are shared and inclusive. 
Actions not words.
Following your heart is one thing but both hearts have to be honest and aligned.
Ever hear that old adage...Out of sight out of mind!
People who are ego driven need to be validated all the time.
Doesn't matter by who...just a need for attention.
Another one of those childhood lacking in therapy sessions!
Sometimes you can love a person that just isn't healthy or soulful enough to keep up with you.  
It's okay to cut it loose especially if they won't seek council to grow out of old traits that keep them stuck so they can't have evolved love.
Children play but at a late age in life if an adult hasn't processed with actions real love.
The odds are not with them evolving.
The patterns continue as they do what they've always done.
Getting what they always got.
In love its easy to love if your loving for another.
Sex isn't love it s biology.
We all know a few people that are poly amorous.
Often married yet caring on with extra affairs on the side.
This is not your work but theirs and chances are they are like a cat with a mouse and can't help themselves.
Somethings will never change.  Decades of patterns repeated.
Finding healthy loving relationship is key.
Sometimes were unlucky in love and lucky with lessons.
Be the love you want to receive and don't live in denial.
You only starve your beautiful being for crumbs no doubt.
Ego will get the best of any one.
Ego eats your soul and than you get to be NOTHING.
Make your stories of love good.
The mirror of truth is always there we just refuse to look when were in love with what we want to see as good!
LOVE is UNDERSTANDING and seeing the other for whom they really are rather than the projection.
Love is accepting and thoughtful. It doesn't grip it lets go.
I love this image of HOPE with the Alchemy of Lover's poem.
Hope and fantasy are not real love.
Love is deep seeded and selfless.
You can love those whom are less than more.
When your a positive creative person you have to carefully select the love you want to share your soul.
Make a check list and adhere to it as if you were to marry yourself.
Take care of your soul as to not get consumed by those whom don't know the value of your worth.
LOVE is INFINITE and recognized Mindfully for many.
I wish you all a good story of reality with an awakened heart and hearts shared.
HONOR YOURSELVES WITH LOVE that feeds the fire honestly. 
HOPEFUL always that all my Great Loves will evolve as I must.
Equanimity occurs with awareness and frees you.
Love is a gift.
Give it BIG Always and Edit Well.

The Alchemy of Lover’s

Two soul’s forever.
Flying apart once upon a time a Union treasured.
What is, what was, remains.

All emotion watered down can t douse the flame
Heart’s that flicker hard to tame.
What is, what was, remains.

No one can bridle Spirits
In love, not even the lover.
What is, what was, remains.

O to the Paramour
Enigmatic, obscure,unfathomable
What is, what was, remains


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Thursday, May 17, 2012



Josh Keppel NBC photographer.

I met Josh 2009 he did a clip on BM people for the NBC station out of San Francisco.
Much to my surprise an interview aired celebrating the creatives of Burning Man.
We have become mutual admires of one another's images over the last few years.
At 2010 Burn he had a kitchen making cookies and pizza...we loved stoppin by for a cool glass of milk and a munchie.
Thanks Josh and Amy.
We were able to give them our mutant vehicle for a night.
New parents having a break on the Playa.
Here's to you Josh and your beautiful family.
You make a difference with your vision for many.
NBC and the people of San Francisco are very lucky to have you.

"I feel lucky, excited, and privileged to share my glimpse
into the world with people who aren't able to see some things
with their own eyes. I feel a real responsibility to capture the truth,
tell good stories, and inform through images, words and beauty.
I love when people tell me their opinions have shifted
 after seeing something I shared."

Josh Keppel

Asking these questions is only fair play to turn about. 

"Photographers are in the world in a very different way.
Fueled by curiosity, inspired by daily life without a major agenda - in the NOW.
The camera gives creative license to tell stories,  "I am a vessel for messaging."

I don't take this for granted, its an honor and sacred, this ability to shed light upon souls. 
 God has my back, Spirit, Buddha its all the same to me - the Supreme Being.
Driven by a greater FAITH in the love I have for humanity:
good intent my constant goal.
Always granted tremendous access to subjects from the darkest to the brightest.
Traveling into arenas that most would fear and than some. 
You can't do this without having a pure mission to "DO THE RIGHT THING." 
I don't expose to take things down, but rather build 'em up. 
Many kinds of photo journalists in the world, some cover the wars, the poverty, others opulence and a range of essays. 
I like doing it all but most of all and I like the sense of mystery when approaching new subjects.
I see humor in the world and prefer it to tragedy.
As I grow within my medium my feelings are melting more toward a sensual point of view.
 Life is fun and sexy and I like to roll on that frequency thinking in an expansive fashion to elevate joy while evoking an emotion. 
Love inspires me, I will forever be in love with love."

karen kuehn

Dragons of Eden

My buddy Bonefire Bob connected me with Lucy and her amazing mutant vehicle.
Every year she's adding something to it as it expands.
 2009 it was just the ribs, no skin
2010 got skin
2011 got Dragon Breath
2012 gets twenty feet of Tail


The Dragons of Eden
(larval phase 2009)

"To give as a gift what was given to me

A Feral and Happy Science
The Things that you see when you’re There

A seven year child’s whimsy
Dreaming awake all night

And the love
Reflecting your face
Reflected in me
Reflecting you

And in this chamber of Stars and Dust
We dance past the threshold of
Love Amplified by Stimulating Emissions of Radiance

In Each Other" 

Lucy Hosking

Pledge Support to Complete MetropoLOVE book of images here:

Thank  YOU Everyone who dares to CARE.

Reverend Billy Talen

 "Strange how ecstatic sensation sails us into flight and brings us home at the same moment. Love makes us free of where we were, and what a relief. And then love always takes place in a place, a valley or ocean or mountain is holding up our bodies as we intertwine, and we have our home again."
Reverend Billy Talen


More than a double rainbow, when Reverend Billy Talen walks into your life.
The light shines on you.
And I do recall some rather big belly laughs too!
He will be holding service this year at David Best s Temple for the BM community.
2012 BM 
If you donate the set amount to the Temple building you get to sit in on that service.
Do listen to Best speak about the importance of the Temple.
Support isn't always money , its labor its images, its the indomitable Spirit with prayers and care in all sorts of ways.
Photographers give images and the world is awakened by media presence.
Burning Man is not an easy environment to maintain daily.
Radical Self Reliance is key.
I run rogue as my eyes far-reaching make exhaustive sweeps as a seer.  
I am a die hard for creative good that is constituted in the organic revealed.
Quieter and more stealth for a picture can create a thousand words and feelings.
Iconic capture always goal and part of the ingredients of my work.
I come with a mission to support the Supreme presence.
It is my faith in a bigger picture that drives me and my art.
This project MetropoLOVE is completely driven with LOVE and INTENT to HONOR those I photographed.
We are all so connected and to make a difference is goal.
2012 Temple a conversation with David Best.

My favorite Reward is Reverend Billy Talen

Learn more about the Temple and support it.

AMEN and Blessings to All the Past Present Future 
May you all feel love and joy 
Make A Good Story.

To Pledge MetropoLOVE

Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Laurent Le Gall

Voyage To Utopia

A film made by my friend Laurent Le Gall a french film maker here in the States.
He' has the premier job; traveling and making films about the USA.
I met Laurent one evening in a camp ground in California.
I had traveled out to look at colleges with my son.
I seem to know a lot of musical types from my career so we gathered a tribe to play round our campfire.  A fiddler Chris Murphy and my son some old friends and family.
A dozen of  us...laughing and sharing joy; a common scene in my life.
I spied with little eye a neighboring camper; Laurent.
Signalling to him to come join us...come come.
He did and he said wow wow it s like you have your very own Burning Man!
Not having gone ever, wanting to but being a mom didn't really make that possible due to work and a busy lifestyle.
Music played and as the evening wided down our new friend ran off to his RV and returned with a dozen films for all who were present.
Merci My To My New French Family.
See You Soon

Here s a little You Tube Action on Laurents film.