Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Valentines Day X O X O

Godiva For The Agent Provocateur
(the video on this site is spicy nice)

I always think of Tom Waits on Valentines. 
His song Blue Valentine is classic.
Every valentines I get a box of Godiva.
Not so good for the hips, yummy on the lips.
Wishing all of you a love filled day.

"Love is kind of like when you see a fog in the morning, when you wake up before the sun comes out. It’s just a little while, and then it burns away… Love is a fog that burns with the first daylight of reality.” Charles Bukowski

Tuesday, February 12, 2013


MANKIND by karen kuehn
 The New Yorker 
Always says it best.
Humbled by truth and beauty.
Here's a link for those who think they are smarter.

Aldous Huxley

The truth can set you free.
I have a knack for seeing the truth in images.
I can tell you all about the people in the frame.
Whose happy, whose sad, whose in love, health issues, the story.
It's a curse and a blessing to have this gift of seeing.
Don't buy into words.
Buy actions that give results.
 Choose well and wisely or you will play the fool in your life. 
It's a good rule to make people feel the way you want to feel end of day.
Be kind and don't bite the hook as recommended by Pema Chodron.  
Some people are never happy.
It's not our job to rescue 24/7.
Like a drowning person you go to help and they pull you down too.
I have been on both sides of this and can tell you none of it elevates joyful living.
It completely drains your life force.    
Avoid those pit falls if you can.
Hold your light close and consciously share with good intent when your able.
Always love but we are not a well of energy to just out put all the time.
Conserve and love accordingly I say.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Don't JUDGE A Book By It's COVER

Burning Man 2012 roughed up to be 12x12

The Critical Soul
As I sip my coffee this morning I am thinking about my current projects, states of affairs in our country and naturally how I fit into the entire new photography scene to make not only a living but a difference.  Some of my friends are doing amazing works with the planetary projects.  Are they surviving this economic blow?  Barely but their passion for what is the obvious problem; HUMAN consumption of our planet is all inspiring.
In photography I have always said location can make or break your shots.
By this I mean a great location can take a mediocre shot and make it spectacular.
So if your a solid conceptual thinker a terrific location is a plus for making imagery.
My entire life in retrospect has been about location.
Living in Yosemite, than Glacier National Parks, on the road for National Geographic, what better location than being mobile in that big adventure.  I love traveling for just this reason.  Bill Black was my favorite editor for shooting travel pieces and being on the road and in the moment of discovery constantly.  Travel & Leisure, Travel Holiday and Readers Digest, he made some amazing projects possible for me to explore. I have lived with all kinds of people for assignments, the most memorable was a farm family in the drought for LIFE magazine.
I could of stayed in hotel but I felt I would do a better job if I could just sleep on there couch. Amazing opportunities grew out of my passion to be an honest story teller.  NYC was a tough destination for me....being use to the big out doors spaces, cabins and roughing it. 
 I was mortified to find a new home in the big city.  I was an enormous funky loft that was the foundation for many fine moments recorded in my career. The friends. the live music, the pot lucks just kept flourishing due to the incredible space we created.
I remember casting my fishing pole with cat nip toys on the end of it as recreation for our cats. We laughed a lot. Much joy was shared.     
Location for sustainability in post of moving to New Mexico is alas some sort of ordeal to sort out as well. 
The dream to create an art farm for raising a great kid has been evolving.
The creative clients I have in New Mexico are nationally recognized and continue to grow. 
Working on both coasts appeals to me to keep my vision fresh with global accounts.
 Having lived in the mecca of NYC 16 years as a daily shooter was one of the best things I did to make a career in photography.  
The Internet presence has brought me clients and some serious patronage for my art projects.  
Widely accepted I've graciously been invited into the homes of a variety of people internationally.
Tattoos and human sexuality are wonderful but not for the work place for me.
It's easy to cast an opinion about a first visual impression.  It's human nature.
Over the years I have learned to muzzled it as acceptance has taught me grace.
The journalist in me walks a fine line for the quiet observer has always revealed the truth of souls before me. 
Whether I am shooting a CEO, a Dignitary, or a rock and roller I tend to cover up.
It's just my way.  Be it Prada, Patagonia or some cool thrift shop rag. I've become more invisible and private with my personal life.  Other than the random share of blogging and face book, and/or workshops to be booked for future students.  I love people but my sensitive soul is drawn to  work on art, which for me is a very solo dance for the most part.  The gathering of subjects is just the fuel and the fire is very self determined and intentional not unlike a prescribed burn.  After images are taken the work really begins.  It takes time to edit and retouch and make sense of any story in post.  You can't put the cart before the horse it won't go anywhere fast.
Yesterday I was asked to see my project but its far from ready so it must wait.  It s important to put your best foot forward and not to compromise your vision in the beginning.  To be true to your self and a bigger picture is always best.
The cover here for my project is just an idea I have about the many intense creative souls I have had before the lens.
The "LOCATION" BRC is the foundation for so many to create.
In my case I feel the dry lake is a perfect cover for this project which is full of amazing characters that count.
Your dammed if you do or don't so DO it.  Make your life in art and daily living reflect the beautiful soul in you.     
"There is NO REWARD in pointing out other peoples weak spots, or making something strong seem wrong. 
It never serves any of us well to pick apart another person. EVER.
JUST walk away from those who want to pull you down due to successes you have, or don't have your back, or those whom latch onto your light and suck the life out of all.  Those people do exist but its not for you to pull them up and rescue their less than pretty situations.
I have been a catalyst for many.  I guess I chose to be a good helper and in the end it wasn t usually a good choice on my part.
Its okay to say NO, no this is not good for me, no I don't want to do this with you, no thank you.
I have resolve in keeping my life more private.  I am more productive and less apt to have chatter that doesn't support my artful heart.
I have much work do to and times a tickin.     
My Cover Is Not My Soul
 My body my creative pallet to express to the world who I am and how I feel about myself at any given moment. 
 Keep your coarse steady and make good things happen I say.  Dress for success may sound silly but it has always been my way.  
I did wear a midriff once to shoot a politician and you bet my editor had my head.  Never again.  Think I was about 26.  We live we learn. 
 That is the great adventure of life.  So many chapters and new books, some boring some entertaining and hopefully were creating a good story with our personal life.  I remember once someone said "You are the hero in your book."  I never forgot that and so how do I want to write that book became the thought behind daily living.  I have had some great chapters and one bad one.  Sort of like that strip joint sign.
"30 Beautiful Woman and 3 Ugly Ones in side."- nashville TN
People think they have an idea of something based on the cover we present and in fact we often surprise them with a mis-reading to be more enlightened. End of day it's our actions that can determine the genuine good in all of us.  It's what we do, not what we say.
 I would just like to say, judge not what you don't know.  Getting to know another takes real time.  Some of the best books I've held in my hands and heart are the most beat up to the eye.  
"Character counts and that is earned over actions prevailed in time"- me
What you do know is that I am going to put a smile on your face with the new project filled with a cast of characters that count from the Fertility Burning Man 2012.  Once rounded out and the sweet touches of design have been created.  We will present it to the LLC in hopes to be in their good graces with another project that supports the arts and the creative of an event that is aligned with the more artful observer.
The Playa is fertile soil for one of the most creative events in America, Burning Man.
Coming to you soon, my next set of images from 2012.
(Also I am very excited to say that Nicole Bloss; friend and great designer will be putting her spin on this project)
Just a teaser for now. 
"Make your life a good story" 
Charolotte Kasl