Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Today I received a photograph from another photographer Jeff Swensen. I sold this edition print to a dear friend of Jeffs. It was purchased for him as a gift. I am posting it with his permission. I also give alot of images away to share and inspire others to be givers. When I teach workshops I let students pic from the artist proofs I've made over the years. I 've given hundreds of silver prints away in the last few decades. Both pictures in this blog remind me of how important it is to continue the path of image making. When I opened this email from Jeff today I was touched that he not only sent me a pic of himself with the image but he kept the note that I included and tacked to his board. I too have notes from other photographers, Irving Penn and Kieth Carter that are priceless to me. Maybe in time I will make a difference! I hope so. Humbly I say thank you to all who care...Jeff cared to share this and it made me feel great today. That would be the point to make others feel, hopefully good. This is very touching to me as I am always in high gear working or trying to get work and than there's this business of life and family always in a constant state of flux. I feel we should all have inspirations and inspire. I am inspired by many great artist's, First the brillant Duane Michals for his never ending creative playfulness God Bless you Duane your my hero. Sally Mann for reality with a revealing gentle and committed eye. Annie Liebovitz you are the worlds best pychologist hands down. Geof Kern for serealism that leaves me hungry for more. Antoine Kractovil the angels live within your soul, your images are proof. Donna Ferrato always on the edge a true artist. Joel Witkin annoyed by me but a craftsman and am thankful for he reminds me to stay true to silver printing and old school ways of making art. Nadav Kander phewww....always you have gems. Weston and Minor White, the F64 shooters remind me everyday of my roots in photography. I have been collecting silver images for years. Images by many great photographers line my walls. Great images are evokative and timeless and many that I've collected have come to increase in value much the same as land. I encourage all of you to start collecting edition prints esp black and white fiber. Who are your inspirations and if you don't have any start exploring. I also love many artist, musical and in other mediums. Don't limit yourself to just photography.


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