Saturday, February 14, 2009


Almost everyday someone asks me what I prefer; film or digital files?
I love both. I feel those of us who started with film and spent long hours lighting and processing film have a fuller respect and ability to communicate with all the tools. Those who have only used digital don't know the differences in the quality and importance of getting the lighting and technical aspects right before exposing to film or cards as we say! Photographers rely on fixing things in post on the computer which at the end of the day it really doesn't matter as long as the end results are achieved I believe.
Keeping it brief I want to say I love digital for jobs and for fun.
no chemicals to pollute the earth and the turn around is amazing.
If I have to collect a print for art sake.
I want to collect silver edition fiber archival prints , NOT epson prints even thou very beautiful I am a dinosaur and die hard black and white photographer.
I shoot it all and enjoy it all.
Digital is better for the planet and is getting perfected more each day.
Think Green.

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