Tuesday, March 31, 2009


I was going to school and working summers as a National Park Ranger. I did all the normal things to be good at my job. Law Enforcement Criminal Justice Training, CPR instructor, Park Medic, Avalanche school, Bob Bondurant School of Driving the lists go on....and in the mean time me and my friend "Bronica" my little 2 1/4 camera were having a love afair. Most of the ranger gals had boy friends and I was off shooting pics and riding horses....hiking climbing biking....these were the things that fed my soul. I heard the Queen was coming to Yosemite so I wrote her a letter to the UK asking permission to shoot her portrait here's the reply. Its nice when people have manner right? What style. Didn't get my shot but I still have this letter. By the way...if you haven't seen the post about Annie Liebovitz shooting the Queen check it out.

Behind the scenes: The Queen Elizabeth 11 (ACO)

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