Monday, December 27, 2010


I met Khempo at the Sun airport, we glanced at each other and the light in our hearts shined through with a child's playfulness. We were instant friends. The next day he had some gentlemen bring him to my farm so he could sit with me. We smiled a lot and laughed a lot.
The young men were in awe of him, mid thirties a monk and master Khempo. He asked me if I had any questions for him and did...I asked about intimacy and tantra connections. We spent the day together and he insisted on blessing my horses. They can't come back into the world without a blessing ....he spoke to my buckskin in Tibet and I looked at him and said he's American. Again we smiled with our eyes as our connection was a breath of fresh air. I've met many monks...they come to the US...get cars , girl friends and its not what one would think a monk would do right? Khempo Choga is sweet as pie. By the time he departed I looked at him and asked him..."Do you have any questions"? We laughed and didn't say another word.

I am so human feeling love and pain not unlike many....but when I put my needs aside I see the apex turning toward compassion and letting go of how others treat me good and poorly ...both are just a reflection that most likely has little to do with me in the bigger picture.

Buddhism has gifted me much of my access to situations and worldly event's with love, a caring heart and set of eyes. Sometimes I just have to remind myself that what I feel I do best is
to be a messenger. I have much work to do and lessons to learn. Sometimes daily things just push your buttons but living present and letting go of desire can free you up to make more loving and thoughtful images. Feelings good and bad are really all okay. I like to channel them into images and art. Buddhism has been a content reminder and an excelled tool to my Spiritual well being. I am far from being a master...I mess up all the time. I mean no harm to anyone.
But I do feel better in nature away from the trappings of city life. I feel healthier....I miss the work and cash flow that comes from the great cities but my life has been there done that and the next chapters are to be scripted in time with love and hopefully a lot of inspiration reflected.


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