Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Dean Stockwell

Rolling With Ease

Interview magazine sent me out to photograph Dean Stockwell in the late 80s.
I showed up to yet another hotel room to work in a location that had nothing to to with my subject.  
Here's the shot that ran full page over 20 years ago. 
Having been invited to a local TV taping I was told that he would be one of the guest. 
I brought a print of this shot with me to gift him.  He seemed no different.
Toting a cigar, quiet and kind.  He let me shoot a few more shots of him as well.

Dean Stockwell for Interview Magazine 1990
Dean Toting out the stage door ABQ NM
Thank you Mr Stockwell for you time Sir.


  1. The heart melts when you hear or read someone say your idol remained a sweetheart .🥰💙