Friday, April 19, 2013


photo by karen kuehn

I met Louie in 1986. He was working a lot for National Geographic. He was doing the most creative work for the magazine.  I loved his mind and how he processed ideas.  The photography was always a technical solution.  The ideas were personal and sensible.
I liked his mind it was expanse.  So I had to meet him and I did.
We always had a light friendship, supportive and sweet.
I could identify with all the concepting he brought to the final picture.
For this my respect grew and in time he and his family left NYC.
Our worlds far apart.
2008, years later I decide I want to do something to save the Dolphins in Japan.
  I contacted a director; Garry Basin who works in Japan and the US. Felt he would be a good source to help me with this project.
   He said their was a guy doing this already.  His name was Louie Pysihoyos.  Damit.  I can' t out Louie...Louie.
I have to admit I was so happy to know it was him.  Who better to tell the story.
I followed it on line and felt the world would be a better place for his efforts.
He was on a mission.  Soon the movie; The Cove would be public.
Winning an Academy award and they he was changing the world before my eyes.
Shot from my TV The Cove Winning.
These sorts of things are huge and I am awe struck by his gifts and ability to do the things big.  
He doesn't mess around and I love that kind of thinking.
I had not seen Louie since he left NYC
Well this weekend I was near his home and called to connect.
It was great to see him and Viki, even thou brief.
Louie hooked me and my pal Tess up with copies of the COVE.
I watched it again and sobbed again!
Movies like this should make you out raged for sure.
Why?  So you can become the solution to help out and better align the world for its own good. 
 After watching it I dreamed in red and I could see blood and I imagined Japanese and Norway children bathed in it. do you make the humans feel more.
Put them in the place of the abused being.
Dolphins in this case.
I could imagine the art of Julian Schnabel; large red canvas.
Louies movie is for me of such value to push me to make a difference.
I am feeling that we all can help.
Do what you do and make it count.
Little or large any bit helps.
Louie has some links on his website so you can write to Japan and help stop the remaining murdering of mammals.
  It is a brutality I wouldn't wish on any creature.
Here's some of his links. Be inspired to be the change you want to see and feel.
Think big care about the PLANET & THE CREATURES...we are all connected.
He's making a new film right now and it will be equally as important.
And need I mention he's one hell of a photographer.
Thanks Louie you always inspire me to be better.

xoxo kk

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