Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Live Accountably With Integrity

I am a big fan of RUMI
I think we can live fully but I do feel if we don't live and account for one's self than people get hurt.  Don't be self absorbed.
People who play the victim card are pretty much unaware.
100 percent accountable beings get the prize end of day.
The truth 
Question all those you think you should be trusting!
Trust is earned and it is betrayed over and over with those damaged souls.
You can't save lost causes.
You can love your self by avoiding all liability in your relations.
I believe in Safety now more than ever.
I look fear in the face and face it off with integrity.
I am all about my reputation.
(small minded people will always try to destroy what they themselves don't have...)
Being notorious is just part of life s mysteries.

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