Saturday, February 5, 2011


photo by Jorge Salas
on location in Santa Monica for Allegra & Saatchi Wellness

Advertising is an interesting platform for a photographers career.
Due to the clients needs to sell and have a product become an asset not only for the company for for the buyer, it takes large team of people really to make that product sell off the shelve. Marketing, budgets, focus groups often study for months to figure out how to target and make something successful.
My job is for me quite simple. Make the object desirable.
I just want to commend those folks that make us a team.
First off you can't get the job without the art buyer.
We love the Art Buyer.
The Client creates the product.
Agency who has the clients best interest at heart.
Account Executives get you paid.
The Art Directors concepts the ads.
My Artist Representative who takes care of my clients budgetary needs.
My Associates, often call my assistants 1,2 and 3 if need be baby sit me so I can be creative
Digital Techs and Jr Techs to capture files
Labs to run film almost an extinction now!
Producer normally the set momma or daddy whom puts all the players into production
Productions Assistants to keep the ball rolling
Casting agent to pull unique talent for client selection
Location Scout who hunts prime spots to do the job
Wardrobe Stylist
Wardrobe assistant for gathering and returning
Prop Stylist
Prop Stylist assistant for buying and returning
Wranglers for Kids and Animals
Hair & Makeup for the look
H&M assistants for the extra set of hands
Motor home drivers
Caterer to keep our tummy's sustained
Insurance agent for certificates of insurance for locations
Rental houses for gear
This seems like a good overall view of a crew for an advertising job.
Teams like this are really to polish and produce a vision with tremendous support.
We just rapped our job this week in Santa Monica.
A great week with a great crew.
I think we will meet again.
Flawless due to all the players.

Thank You

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