Sunday, February 6, 2011

Are you Flexible?

One Day an Advertising Assignment & The Next an Editorial Magazine.

photo by Jorge Salas

People Writer Johnny Dodd with Jay and Bonsai the pony
Bonsai a pony I met today. He is an abused animal that was getting punched in the face by his drunk owner till he was brought to this farm where abused kids and animals help heal one another just by being together. The location I will post after the story runs. but can you imagine being punched in the face by someone with erratic behavior. I'd like to punch that person to say the least. She wasn't charged for anything but being drunk.
What is wrong with the world?

I love that one day I am working with full on production crews for a client and the next I'm on an assignment for a magazine story that is completely opposite from the shoot prior. This week is such a week. Actually I'm thankful that this new year is starting out great. I had to turn down two jobs for this week. One with a magazine I love to work for People and the other for an advertising client; BofA. The good news is that I'm booked on two ad gigs and one magazine job with People in California. One was for allergies and products that care for those needs. The magazine job is a humanitarian job about abused kids and animals combined for healing. One job comes with a huge group of people to produce it and the other is run and gun with me alone or with an assistant to tell a story, much like the ones from the days of shooting for NGS and LIFE.
Usually these stories are very down to earth with one writer who pitches it and me and my assistant making images to go with the story. This week Johnny Dodd was our writer from Time Life / People magazine.

In the morning a producer ARPEN Productions (I highly recommend Rebecca to produce)
She will collect me to look at AM scouts and in the PM I will scoot up the coast to shoot a teenager with a horse that has won her heart and helped heal her soul for some family scaring.
Wed were up at dawn for a long day of advertising shoots and Thur back to New Mexico.

I love my life especially when I'm working. I love solving problems and being hired to do what I do best. Tell a story to evoke emotions. I adore my editors, art buyers and clients.

Everyday is like a surprise package. I just roll into new locations and meet new people and sometimes familiar faces and make it happen.When work is kicked up a notch for creating my life feels more charged with positive energy. We all need more work and the economy is rough but hang in there....manifest and by the way don't miss your life for chasing the mad dollars that won't be able to love you once the day is done.

Peace Out.

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