Monday, September 24, 2012


IKE faithful sweet little boy.
RIP - Ike I love you and thank you for the five years we shared company. 
Always a nice guy, never a lie of your love and faithfulness. As my favorite vet;
 Mike McCallister helped him into the other side we looked into each others eyes for the last long gaze. Its never easy saying good bye to anyone or any animal but I can tell you that an animals love is more true than most humans can bare to give. 
Unconditional love.
 I found Ike on a hwy and he was already an elder. He remained
 on our farm, preferred to run over walking, his cat Tommy loved him dearly, Chew licked his ears clean every day and you could never give him enough food or chew toys. 
He was always sweet and good. Bless you buddy you will be missed. Thank you Mike for always helping me to make the right choice per my farm friends you rock my life just knowing you and your family are here with our furry friends.
Our love travels with you.
Tommy cat, Shadow and the gang all bid you adieu.

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