Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Fire Drill

photography by Ed Taylor

Ed asked me if my house burned down what would I want to save other than family and critters.  
I said my cousin Joes fire helmet.  He served in NYC for decades. 
 I have some of his certificates of honor for lives he has saved.  
He has been one of my most supportive family member.  
My life is so much better.  He is my blessing.
I asked for his helmet if no one else wanted it.
I did for I thought my son would treasure it as well.
He brought it to NM the very next trip.
Inside the helmet you will find bandages of which he kept there in case of emergencies.
The helmet is leather and well worn, it was his second helmet.
Joe lives in Green-point Brooklyn to date.
And yes he has a thick accent.
Ed thank you for capturing this image I love it.

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  1. Im glad to hear your cousin, and my brother in the service is doing well. My children will fight over my helmet, but until then I wear it. God bless!