Thursday, January 9, 2014

DAY 3 Cargo Cult Book Sale

Two days on to day 3
I am all about this being a space journey.
Everyone is traveling together for the better good.
So many days ahead, hoping for the support of all the people placed in this project
Pledges thus far
Day 1 - 15 passengers
Day 2 - 18 passengers
Total on board are: 32
Buckle up
Gratitude for todays Passengers
Bruce Trumbo
Will Delaney
Vignette Hyena
Zac Carroll
Dave Herndon 
Joe Chisholm 
Holly Carlyle 
Richard B. Stolley 
Colin Babcock
Bobby Pin
Ed Carter
Kevin Whalen 
Richard Bluestein 
Loretta Clarke 
Blaze J McCracken
(funding one book is all I ask so we can press many for less)

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