Thursday, January 16, 2014

DAY 9 CARGO Cult Pledges

How could I even think this was possible?
Definition of INSANE.
Okay were on to the pledges for today and I woke up with a tight heart wondering why would I take this project to such extremes to press?
Tired of waiting for others to come through with it?
No publishing deal on the horizon
I'll be dead if I wait.
I love books that are full of good stuff.
I am very Spiritual and my faith in it happening may waiver but I'm here today.
Thank YOU'S to days pledges go to:
#106 Gur Melamede
#107 Len E. Burge
#108 Laird Hovland
#109 Kirk Strawn
#110 Lee Klinger
#111 Dan Nelson
#112 Scott London
#113 David Carol

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