Thursday, February 23, 2012

Artist Benar Venet

photo by karen kuehn
 Benar Venet for Elle Magazine

Chelsea before it was hip and cool....lugging my gear up several flights of stairs....I remember seeing a buzzer for  Roy Lichtenstein, amongst other's....I lived in Tribeca ( The triangle below canal) I think if my memory doesn't fail me Benar's loft was on the west side of Manhattan, Houston.
As I entered his loft, filled with drawings soon to be sculptures no doubt I recall such a sweetness about Benar.
Kind and quiet we chatted ever so slightly as I looked for spaces to make image of him.
I loved the charcoal feel of some of these hindsight its so phallic right?
I remember feeling very fall.
Benar a bit shy and me at that point in my life even more so!
My life in NYC was so in and out of everyone's life.
Vignettes of people's, places and stories in essay form.
The virtues, the venues, the art, the creatives and those oh so buttoned up!
Benar, open and easy, we made several images and I went along my way.
I lived to photograph everyone.
Everyone made my life live.
Now even more so I cherish all those I meet for the gift is mine to make great experiences out of all sessions.
Frannie Ruch my beloved editor of Elle I will always love.
The art that Benar makes made me think beyond....lines that were so beautiful and space vacant for the mind to continue.
One arch reaching upward with large space between a second arch would complete what the mind made circle.
Look at his work and enjoy.


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