Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Cathy McGill

Looking very Angelina Jolie

What a voice of the Spirit coming through Cathy

A Spiritually IN TACK Soul

 I met Cathy a few years back, most likely at one of guitar player, producer; Larry Mitchell's home!  (
We have slowly become friends and finally able to connect a photo shoot with Cathy and one of my workshop students.  All images are captured from the side lines while my student is working with her.  I always pass a slue of imagery to those talented people whom volunteer for these student shoots, so they get two for one when we arrive.  It's always a treat working with music talent as they usually kick out a few songs while we work.  Low natural light making for softer images, and sometimes those can be very romantic and timeless.  We love Cathy and she s a key player in the music industry here in New Mexico.  This month she's organized Black History Month event's. Stay tuned for some images of a play called Roots.
A Beautiful Mind with INCREDIBLE LUNGS.  

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