Monday, February 27, 2012


I V A  M O R R I S
The Three Graces by Iva Morris

Blue Angel 

 I have been acquainted with Iva and her family for over ten years now.
We usually see each other at pot lucks and artist gatherings.
Iva has a rather large range going from landscape to human forms.
What I love about her works is this off quirky concepting from her life at home.
She's living a live as an artist and whatever crosses her path may very well become subject.
Raising two kids and maintaining an artful soul is sometimes just life in the fast lane.
Some how she manages and has achieved many exhibits and museums collections.
She paints life size imagery and surrounds herself with texture and warmth.
I have many memories of her on occasions but one that I remember most,
 Iva hopping over my 6ft horse fence in a mini dress lickty split.
"Dang girl why don't you use the front gate?"
Hopping over like like Tonto and the Lone Ranger!
Weren't you 50 going on 20 that day?
Iva is all REAL and her works are so reflective of her essence.
I feel honored to have sat for her a few times.
And hey I even have a pastel from the Tao's Pueblo 

Check her out and she takes commissions too.
I 'd book a session if you ever want something really special.

Ladies and Gentlemen Miss Iva Morris

photo by karen kuehn 
The Artist of New Mexico Series
Book can be purchased on the link below.

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