Friday, February 3, 2012

The Cat's M E O W

Tommy our farm cat found in the HWY as a kitten with his eyes barely open.
He cruises the landscape and helps me feed livestock in the am.
Very dog like.
Ike & Tommy both HWY finds cuddling.

Looked for some song to post about Siamese Cats and found these links.
Walt Disney on song writing with his animation community.
I love Peggy Lee
A priceless video
Siamese Cat Song

Grew up on Walt's one of my favorites to put a lift in your day!

Since the TV Americans have been over saturated with images.
Thinking about Sunday nights in front of the tube with my siblings.
My life makes sense, so many animated animals....and prior to Disney was the Mutual of Omaha's Animal Kingdom show.
As I downsize my animal kingdom I realize that they are one the purest form of LOVE we humans have in our lives, those of us whom share our worlds with fur babies.
I am blessed for the rooster crows, hound dog bays, meows and purrs, and even the tortoise's whom grunt and move in the world with fierce intention.
Were just here horsing around, me and my sheep.

Bo Peep...baa ah

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