Saturday, February 25, 2012


 photo by karen kuehn  for the Sunday NY Times Magazine
Surfing for Life
Dead Sea Rapsody

Who needs a quiver when your stuck on one?
I do.
Helter skelter to surf the long run.

So dark and thick of dread.
You reach round and through -
When you have to stay with you.

You are the realization.
The reflection past to present.
Stop looking for light in the shadow.

Paddle and bequeath your soul not.
An ocean full of emotion.

Waves breaking as heart's.
Stand up for the freedom ride of your life.
Ebb to flow its an bowl full.

Hard to see in a dark sea.
People always seem to stir like a delusional tea.
Clarity; the gift of time offshore dreams and glow.

Contraction crashing.
Expanding building.
This is a Warriors Path.

Now that surfboard is calling my name.
Warmer waters always sooth my brain.
Dreams of paddling ….paddling was just a dream with you.

May the water push you into real swell.
For real time riding what is blue.
True blue, truly unforgettable blues.

Storm is Over.
Ocean and beaches brighter.
Awaiting your wander.


Dedicated to Rell Sunn; Wahine Warrior Spirit, you are always a reminder of how we as women and men can move through the world present with non attachment.  To not suffer from dreams lost for riding the waves can restore faith and love in our souls. Giving heart to all will never be squandered but the treasure of what we can be when were being out best.
Expect nothing as every-time it will only disappoint.  To give ego-lessly is always goal.
Counting my blessings in the sand and its many.
Next ride is for you Rell.

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